AIRSTAR - High performance ventilators
for heat and noise intensive halls
AIRSTAR - High performance ventilators
for heat and noise intensive halls
AIRSTAR - High performance ventilators
for heat and noise intensive halls

Labyrinth ventilator Airstar

Weather-independent & powerful ventilation

The AIRSTAR labyrinth ventilator from roda is a natural ventilation system. It is used for high-volume, energy-free, sound-insulated and rainproof ventilation in heat-intensive industrial halls. As a high-performance ventilator, the roda classic is perfect for heat- and noise-intensive halls in heavy industry. 
For entrepreneurs, saving energy, increasing production and humanising workplaces play an important role when deciding whether to invest in a ventilation system. Temperature and air quality in particular have a decisive influence on the health and performance capacity of employees as well as possible illness rates. The AIRSTAR roda labyrinth ventilator enables natural, powerful and weather-independent ventilation and helps to improve the air quality in buildings. 

Powerful ventilation 
Particularly in the area of heat- and noise-intensive heavy industry, high quality standards are set for ventilation systems. Due to the heat released from the process flow, there is a strong thermal lift. The AIRSTAR labyrinth ventilator uses this pressure and temperature difference for natural ventilation. The enormous air volumes can thus be supplied and discharged without electrical drive energy. 

    For these special requirements, our engineers at roda have designed the AIRSTAR labyrinth ventilation system, a high-performance ventilator that not only has a high ventilation capacity but also complies with the strict environmental protection requirements in terms of sound insulation. Its relatively low weight also makes it easy to assemble. 

    Weather-independent ventilation 
    The roda AIRSTAR ventilator consists of aerodynamically favourably shaped louvres arranged in a labyrinth. This allows for strong and continuous ventilation despite rain or snow. The rainwater that accumulates is collected within the system and drained onto the roof through special busbars provided on the long side of the unit. 

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    Flat roof

    Advantages of the product

    Why AIRSTAR?

    • Can be customised to all types of building 
    • Assembly on all common roof constructions 
    • High ventilation capacity in heat-intensive buildings 
    • Continuous weather-supported ventilation through aerodynamically favourably shaped louvres with upstands in the centre and on the inflow side 
    • Good aerodynamic efficiency (Aa value) 
    • Good sound insulation properties
    • Drainage of rainwater to the collection gutters on the long sides 
    • Energy cost savings 
    • Easy to clean louvres  
    • Duct silencer can be fitted 
    • Individual colouring through powder coating  
    • Drill-hole-free base connection via tension locks 
    • Low maintenance due to simple and robust construction 

    Technical details of the product


    Construction features 

    The maintenance-free, lightweight construction of the AIRSTAR labyrinth ventilation system is made of aluminium alloy AlMg3 as standard. In order to save energy when the unit is not in operation, the louvres can be closed with a closing device. In addition, nylon brushes can be optionally attached to the closing device to strengthen the sealing effect. The closing device can be controlled electrically or pneumatically by means of a roller construction in guide rails. 
    In the case of high production-related noise, AIRSTAR duct silencers can also be fitted to the labyrinth ventilators in a raised unit base. The splitters are arranged below the labyrinth construction. The splitter frames are made of galvanised steel sheets. At the same time, the absorption material is moisture-repellent and abrasion-resistant. 


    The AIRSTAR labyrinth ventilator from roda is available in two designs: AIRSTAR A1 and AIRSTAR A2.  


    The AIRSTAR A1 labyrinth ventilator is the lower-priced design that enables the required air throughput with a sufficiently large roof opening area. The width of the silencer splitters and the width of the air openings are in a ratio of 1:1, which enables a high sound insulation value. 

    • Required air throughput due to sufficiently large roof opening area 
    • Less expensive design 
    • High sound insulation value 
    • With splitter silencer and single slider


    In the A2 design, the labyrinth design is more aerodynamically sophisticated and enables a higher air throughput with a smaller roof opening area due to a better flow coefficient (CV). The width of the silencer splitters and the width of the air openings are in a ratio of 1:1.5.  

    • Aerodynamically sophisticated labyrinth construction 
    • Higher air throughput with smaller roof opening area  
    • High sound insulation value 
    • With splitter silencer and double slider


    The AIRSTAR labyrinth ventilator from roda can be customised to your building. It can be manufactured up to a maximum width of 3800 mm. The length of the unit is not limited. The labyrinth ventilator can be built to any length, bearing in mind that drives must be installed at specified intervals if a closure unit is used. In addition to the two versions A1 and A 2 with the option of the closing device, there are four different unit heights. 

    Typ 200

    • Base height: 200 mm (not suitable for the installation of splitter silencers) 
    • Device height: 700 mm (not suitable for the installation of splitter silencers) 

    Typ 500

    • Base height: 490 mm  
    • Device height: 990 mm 

    Typ 750

    • Base height: 735 mm 
    • Device height: 1,235 mm 

    Typ 1000

    • Base height: 980 mm 
    • Device height: 1,480 mm 

    Closing device 

    To prevent heat loss when the unit is not in operation, an additional closing device is required, which can be ordered as an option for the AIRSTAR labyrinth ventilator. The closing device allows the ventilator to be closed or the air volume to be regulated. The slider louvres are grouped together and run on polyamide rollers with lateral bearings.
    For additional sealing, the closing louvres can be fitted with nylon brushes. The actuator for the closing device has two design variants. 

    • Variant 1: Double-acting, maintenance-free pneumatic cylinder with bellows 
    • Variant 2: Low maintenance electric motor


    Due to the low weight and the adapted dimensions and flange designs, easy installation is possible. The system can be used on all common roof constructions. By removing the wind deflectors, the louvres of the AIRSTAR labyrinth ventilator are also very easily accessible and can be cleaned without much effort. 


    Labyrinth ventilator Airstar


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