Our double flap
Our double flap

Single flap Venturi Smoke VS1

Ventilation and SHEV in the flat roof area

The single flap VENTURISMOKE VS1 qualifies as a natural smoke and heat exhaust ventilation unit in the flat roof area. The roda single flap ventilator has a hood that opens to an opening angle of 165° in case of fire. A pneumatic cylinder or a 48V linear drive is used to drive the VENTURISMOKE VS1. In addition to use as a SHEV system, the unit can also be optionally prepared for daily ventilation.
The VENTURISMOKE V1 light, ventilation and fire ventilation system is used in industrial, commercial and municipal buildings. There, the VENTURISMOKE VS1 single flap as a natural smoke and heat exhaust ventilation unit with ventilation function and PC flap infill provides: 

  • Natural daylight 
  • Natural ventilation 
  • Automatic fire ventilation with smoke and heat exhaust ventilation 
  • Energy savings (thermal insulation)

The ventilation and fire ventilation system uses the thermal load within a building depending on the pressure or temperature difference for natural ventilation or fire ventilation and thus to relieve heat and smoke. With weather-dependent daily ventilation, the unit can be closed automatically in the event of rain by means of rain sensor control, thus preventing the ingress of moisture. In case of fire, the hoods are opened after the fire detection element has been triggered.  

The single flap VENTURISMOKE VS1 is an EN approved natural smoke and heat exhaust ventilation unit and complies with the requirements of DIN EN 12101-2.  



Flat roof
(up to max. 15° pitched roof surfaces) 

Advantages of the product


  • Ideal for flat roof applications with flexible sizes up to a roof opening size of 2000 x 2000 mm 
  • Suitability for daily ventilation*  
  • Natural, energy-saving daylight illumination* 
  • Glare-free illumination when using PC Softlite 
  • Stable and functional design and high quality of materials 
  • Functionality in endurance test with 10,000 opening operations 
  • Suitable for high snow and wind suction loads 
  • Aerodynamically effective opening surface up to 2.72 m² 
  • Good aerodynamic efficiency 
  • Delivery also with dark flap 
  • Maintenance-free hinges made of extruded profiles with stainless steel bolts  
  • Drives connected maintenance-free via Teflon-coated bronze bushes 
  • Supplied completely pre-assembled or in modules 
  • Completely silicone-free unit with EPDM seals 
  • Good combination option with VENTURILIGHT lighting element 

Technical details of the product

Single flap Venturi Smoke VS1


In the pneumatic design, the ventilation function is achieved by lifting the hoods with a 230V electric motor opener and a stroke of 300 mm. The electric design with 48V drive headbar offers the possibility to individually adjust the opening position for the ventilation. For the fire ventilation of the pneumatic and electric 48V design, the overlap in the end position of the hood is necessary.  

Pneumatic drive 

  • Ventilation with 230V motor 
  • Automatic opening via a thermal triggering device (TTD) and connected CO2 cartridge 
  • Opening via an fire emergency switch box with CO2 cartridge 
  • Opening via fire alarm panel, triggered by smoke detector or SHEV button (optional) 
  • Activation for daily ventilation by ventilation control box via push-button 
  • Activation for daily ventilation by timer for night cooling (optional) 
  • Activation for daily ventilation by wind and rain sensor for bad weather protection (optional)

Electric drive 

  • Variable ventilation setting 
  • Fire opening via a SHEV control panel with smoke detector, SHEV button or other signal transmitters 
  • Opening via upstream fire alarm panel (optional) 
  • Activation for daily ventilation optionally via SHEV control panel and ventilation switch 
  • Optionally with timer for night cooling 
  • Optionally with wind and rain sensor for bad weather protection


Due to the crosshead sizes, the roof opening width is fixed at 1000, 1200, 1250, 1400, 1500, 1800 and 2000 mm. The roof opening length, on the other hand, can be manufactured in all dimensions from 1000 to 2000 mm.

Glazing types 

There are different variants for the glazing of the hoods of the single flap VENTURISMOKE VS1.  

Glazing type K2 

  • As glazing made of 16 mm polycarbonate multi-wall panels (transparent, opal, softlite)

Glazing type K3

  • 16 mm / 25 mm – polycarbonate clear, opal, opaque or softlite 
  • Hood frame thermally separated

Glazing type A1 

  • Single-shell aluminium

Glazing type A2 

  • Double-walled aluminium with 20 or 30 mm insulation 

Glazing type A3

  • Double-walled aluminium with 20 or 30 mm insulation 
  • Hood frame thermally separated


Single flap Venturi Smoke VS1

The single flap VENTURISMOKE VS1 from roda can be equipped with accessories on customer request, which bring further efficient advantages for the operator.  

    Fall-through protection grating

    Falls through an opening in the hall roof are not uncommon and often end fatally. According to the BG BAU, around half of all fatal accidents at work are fall-related. The fall-through protection of NSHEVs and skylights must be guaranteed not only during installation but also afterwards if maintenance work is to be carried out on open devices. 

    • Ensuring the required fall-through safety 
    • Maximum size: 1300 x 2500 mm 
    • Mesh width: 100 x 100 mm


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