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Fall-through protection

For SHEV systems and skylights

Both roofers installing skylights and tradesmen, despite all their caution and professional experience, can trip or misstep during supplementary work or installation on roof surfaces or roof edges and then be injured as a result of falling. For this reason, two protective measures must always be taken into account when using skylight systems and SHEV systems: 

  • Fall protection during the construction phase 
  • Fall-through protection after the construction phase 

Fall-through protection after the construction phase refers to subsequent work related to maintenance and repair on the roof, e.g. inspection and maintenance of ventilation systems, smoke extraction systems, snow removal work or the cleaning of roof drains. Therefore, fall-through safety must be ensured for SHEV systems and skylights. Because falls through an opening in the hall roof are not uncommon. 

That is why we also offer the right fall-through protection for our skylight systems and SHEV systems. DGUV test certificates prove that the fall-through protection grids we offer comply with the currently applicable safety and health requirements. It depends on how the unit or system is connected to the roof: On a EUROZARGE in conjunction with skylights, the grids below the units are in principle attached to the unit base. The situation is different for single units: on a EUROSOCKEL, the fall-through protection grids can also be attached directly to the EUROSOCKEL.  


  • Skylight systems 
  • SHEV systems 

Advantages of the product

Why fall-through protection?

  • Individual customisation to your unit or system 
  • Approved fall-through protection according to GS-Bau 18 
  • No reduction in the aerodynamically effective smoke ventilation area 
  • Prevent the risk of falling through 
  • Safeguard people and skilled personnel on the roof 
  • Simple installation 
  • Easy to clean 

Technical details of the product

Fall-through protection


Our roda fall-through protection is available for skylight systems as well as for our SHEV systems. The respective fall-through protection differs depending on the unit or system. 

Fall-through protection for SHEV systems  


In the PHOENIX or MEGAPHOENIX, grids with a maximum size of 1300 x 2500 mm and a mesh size of 100 x 100 mm are used. For uninsulated units, the grids are bolted to the side of the unit. On insulated units, the grids are held in place by riveted aluminium clips. 

  • Size: max. 1300 x 2500 mm 
  • Mesh width: max. 100 x 100 mm 
  • Uninsulated units: Fastening by bolting the grids to the side of the unit 
  • Insulated units: Fastening of the grid by riveted aluminium clips 


In the FIREFIGHTER, grids with a maximum size of 840 x 1000 mm and a mesh size of 100 x 100 mm are used. The grids are bolted to the unit with side brackets. 

  • Size: max. 840 x 1000 mm 
  • Mesh width: max. 100 x 100 mm  
  • Fastening by bolting with side brackets to the unit 

Fall-through protection for skylights 


With continuous rooflights, such as the EUROLIGHT and DELTALIGHT, there are basically two options for fall-through protection. 
The more common variant is the personal protection profile PSP30. Irrespective of the stitch height, the edge areas (parallel to the base profile) of the continuous rooflight are always secured at a distance of 1200 mm. This means that for narrow continuous rooflights (<2x1200 mm), the profiles are installed over the entire continuous rooflight width. For larger widths, i.e. more than 2.4 m, only the edge areas are covered with 1.2 m each. The profiles are installed at a fixed distance of 225 mm. 
Personal protection profile PSP30 

  • Mounting of aluminium profiles over the entire continuous rooflight 
  • At distances of between 300 mm and 1200 mm