Fresh Air
For your Building
Fresh Air
For your Building
Fresh Air
For your Building

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It shows SHEV systems

SHEV systems

As in case of emergency natural smoke and heat exhaust (NSHE) shall save lives, no compromises are to be made with regard to[...]

It shows a product for Natural ventilation

Natural ventilation

The natural ventilation takes advantage of the thermal lift, thus enabling large air quantities to be exchanged without any need[...]

It shows a product of Mechanical Ventilation

Mechanical Ventilation

The term “AIRSYSTEM” stands for the mechanical venting and heating effected by a channel system. [...]

It shows a product of Daylight technology

Daylight technology

The incidence of daylight at the workplace creates a natural and pleasant working atmosphere. This positive effect is mainly[...]

It shows a product of Smoke curtains

Smoke curtains

For production-related and not least financial reasons the trend is increasingly towards large-scale buildings. The fire safety[...]

It shows a product of Roof connection systems

Roof connection systems

Dependent upon roof construction and operating conditions the equivalent material, connecting option and construction height is[...]

It shows a product of Insect protection

Insect protection

Some industrial branches, mainly the food processing industry, have to observe strict hygiene regulations. Especially, where[...]