roda combines daylight, ventilation and safety

In addition to effective solutions for illuminating production or industrial halls with daylight and providing fresh air, roda products also offer the positive effect of fire safety. As smoke and heat exhaust ventilation systems, roda products ensure that, in the event of a fire, heat as well as fire and smoke gases are routed outside. In this way, roda products combine daylight, ventilation and even save lives in an emergency. 

In buildings where people live and work, three components play an important role: daylight, ventilation and safety. Sufficient daylight and a good exchange of air are significantly responsible for a person's well-being from a physiological and psychological point of view. The increased sense of well-being through natural light and fresh air in turn has a positive impact on productivity. 

Clean air, safety and health for every building

"For more than 35 years, we have been working with our customers to develop individual and customised solutions for every building project. We convince with the durability of our products and solutions as well as our personal support from conceptual design to installation and maintenance. We are at your side as problem solvers, reliable partners and experts - for clean air, more safety and a healthy atmosphere in your building."

Dr. Alexander Strunz

Natural ventilation without energy requirements

In addition to the lighting function, skylights can also be used for natural ventilation in the form of individual double flaps, single flaps and louvred ventilators or in continuous rooflights. Because of their high installation position in the roof area, with adequate supply and exhaust air cross-sections, they direct stale air outdoors and provide pleasant fresh air. This works without complicated control technology through thermal lift alone. Once installed, the ventilation system incurs almost no further costs as it largely operates without any need for maintenance or power. 

Advantages of natural ventilation: 
  • Low investment costs 
  • Very low operating costs 
  • Very quiet operation 
  • Resistant against pollution 
  • Can be equipped with shading 
  • No additional space required 
  • Additional daylight 
  • Low risk of failure 

Maximum success through 90° ventilation position

To achieve maximum success in daily ventilation, roda products use physical laws to transport energy to the outside naturally: 

  • Temperature or pressure differences 
  • Thermal lift (chimney effect) 
  • Ventilation position of the double flap systems from 90° 

Saving lives with SHEV

In the same way, suitably equipped skylights also serve as smoke and heat exhaust ventilation systems (SHEV). In the event of a fire, they immediately remove heat and dangerous fire gases from the building. In interaction with other components of structural fire protection, especially supply air openings, two air layers are formed in the room in this way: a smoke layer in the upper area and a low-smoke layer in the lower area. In the low-smoke layer, sufficient visibility is maintained, which enables self-rescue and rescue of people who are in the building. In addition, the fire brigade can locate the source of the fire more quickly and fight it effectively. 

Daylight with roda skylights

Often, workplaces with a room depth of 4.50 m or more can no longer be well supplied with daylight through side windows alone. For rooms located directly under the roof, daylight illumination alone or additionally through skylights is therefore a good idea. With rooflights, uniform room illumination with daylight can be achieved – regardless of the distance from the external wall or an architectural façade design. Optimal illumination results from the combination of façade lighting and roof skylights. 
Natural daylight has always been of great importance in the industrial sector. Large parts of industrial halls were already supplied with daylight via skylights in the last century.  

Why do skylights bring more light into the building? The uniformly overcast sky, the basis for daylight calculations, is by no means uniformly bright. The luminance of the outdoor light decreases sharply from the highest point, the zenith, to the horizon. At the horizon itself, the light from the sky still reaches a full 33%, i.e. 1/3 of the brightness of the zenith. This feature is independent of the season. Even relatively small skylight openings thus give a room just as much light as much larger side windows.  

Benefits of daylight and fresh air for humans:  

  • Increases concentration and performance 
  • Reduces occupational accidents 
  • Improves well-being 
  • Reduces stress 
  • Increases creativity 

Advantages of roda products at a glance  

  • roda systems offer quality that meets the highest requirements
  • Up to 3.5 times higher air exchange compared to conventional skylights 
  • Maximum cost effectiveness 
  • Full ventilation up to wind speed 8 
  • Wide variety of customisation options for every purpose 

Our products

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Double flap ventilator

Double flap and single flap ventilators

Double flap ventilators supply buildings with fresh air efficiently and without energy.

Louvre fan

Louvre fan

Louvre fans allow for an optimal indoor climate by providing adequate ventilation.

Louvre windows

Louvre windows

Louvre windows, in addition to fresh air, allow sufficient light into the building.

Mechanical ventilation

Mechanical ventilation

Whether centralized or decentralized ventilation systems - our systems ensure fresh air in your building.

Smoke and heat exhaust ventilation units

Smoke and heat exhaust ventilation units

Smoke and heat exhaust ventilation units prevent the uncontrolled spread of smoke in the event of a fire.

Daylight technology

Daylight technology

Daylighting systems bring natural light into the building and thus guarantee a pleasant room atmosphere.

rigid smoke curtains

Smoke curtains prevent the spread of smoke in buildings where smoke compartments are not already structurally present.

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