AIRSYSTEM - Heating combined
with mechanical ventilation
AIRSYSTEM - Heating combined
with mechanical ventilation
AIRSYSTEM - Heating combined
with mechanical ventilation


Mechanical ventilation & heating

AIRSYSTEM is a duct system consisting of various modules that can be used for mechanical ventilation and heating of a production hall. A distinction is made between a supply air system, in which fresh air is transported to the workplace, and an exhaust air system, in which stale air is removed from the workplace. While the supply air system offers the possibility of tempering the supply air, the exhaust air system is about removing harmful vapours at a welding station, for example. For heat recovery, appropriate heat exchangers can be integrated into the AIRSYSTEM depending on requirements. 

Mechanical ventilation and heating for optimal indoor climate 

A good indoor climate ensures optimal working conditions. Accident, illness and absenteeism rates are demonstrably lower. And so an efficient ventilation system contributes to increased productivity in your operation.
The DIGOVENT mechanical ventilation system brings fresh air to where people work, thereby enabling an optimal indoor climate in the work area. 

Due to the variable modular system, you receive made-to-order solutions for: 

  • Fresh air supply 
  • Exhaust air outlet 
  • Hot-air heating 
  • Recirculating air heating 
  • Hot air return 
  • Heat recovery 

When it comes to ventilation problems, there are always building-related and production-dependent requirements to consider. Whether for a new building or a renovation, roda's specialists will advise you comprehensively and competently in order to design the most suitable ventilation system for your production.  


  • Industrial halls 
  • Production halls 

Advantages of the product


  • Customised solutions through variable modular system 
  • Made-to-order adaptation to your building 
  • Optimum air flow in the building 
  • Recirculation module for economical recirculated/mixed air operation 
  • Filter module for clean fresh and recirculated air 
  • Heating coil for hot water operation PWW 
  • Diagonal ventilator with low drive power 
  • Air distribution systems in all common outlet shapes – from simple ventilation grids to low-turbulence displacement outlets 
  • Fresh air through supply air system 
  • Removal of stale air through exhaust air system 
  • Economic multiple benefit 
  • Ensures a productive working environment 
  • Suitability for new construction or renovation 
  • Simple installation 

Technical details of the product


Construction features 

The AIRSYSTEM mechanical ventilation system consists of individual components that are matched to construction- and production-specific requirements using the modular principle and are assembled in an installation-friendly manner. The modules are made of 1 mm thick aluminium sheet with inner corner fold. The connection is made by means of profile flanges that are screwed to the corner connections. Profile flanges and corner connections also serve to stiffen the duct. Air intake is via roof and wall hoods. Appropriate modules must be provided for mixed air, recirculated air and heating operation.
The AIRSYSTEM can be set up in two different ways. While in the ISOVENT mixed air unit with ventilator, filter and, if necessary, heating coil are combined in one unit, these functions can also be managed decentrally by individual modules. The DIGOVENT ventilator module used in this case only fulfils the ventilator function and, with an output of 2000 to 9000 m³/h, also has a much lower air volume throughput than the ISOVENT. 

Further modules 

In addition to the simple duct sections in straight form and as curved elements, there is a wide range of other functional modules that can also be integrated into the duct system as individual modules for smaller systems. In addition to the heating coil, these include a roof or wall hood, the mixed air module and the filter module. In heat recovery systems, a heat exchanger is integrated into the system. 
Another module that is already present in the ISOVENT, but is also available as an individual module, is the mixed air module. Via an actuator, this unit mixes cool fresh air with the already heated recirculated air. The percentage of fresh and recirculated air can be controlled or regulated via a duct sensor. 

Air outlet variants 

Filter modules filter the air and heating coils heat it. Both optional modules can be arranged decentrally or integrated in the ISOVENT. The air outlet at the workplace is provided via three different variants, depending on requirements: 

Manually adjustable ventilation grids

Displacement outlet grids 

Textile duct

Where a draught through the system is not disturbing or the air is only extracted, normal ventilation grids are sufficient. These are available as a variant with a single-row louvre design for adjustable, vertical air deflection and with a double-row louvre design for horizontally and vertically adjustable deflection.
Displacement outlet grids, on the other hand, change the flow behaviour of the air so that it is no longer perceived as a draught. This is similarly influenced by textile ducts, where the air flows through air-permeable fabric and is thus evenly distributed around the outlet surface. 



The AIRSYSTEM ventilation system from roda can be equipped with accessories on customer request, which bring further efficient advantages for the operator. 

Duct silencer 

Duct silencers are available for sound reduction.

  • Silencer element LVS..-SD10 
  • Use on discharge or suction side 
  • Suspension through ring nuts on the housing

Protective grid 

For outside air intake, an intake hood with protective grid is used.

  • Protective grid SG 
  • Use as end piece of an air distribution system