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Innovative new façade construction

RIVACOLD CI GmbH, based in Fellbach, Germany, is a leading company in the refrigeration industry. To celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2016, Rivacold underwent a comprehensive rebranding, which concluded in a new building for the company’s headquarters. roda light and air technology played a central role in this project by installing an innovative façade made of translucent polycarbonate panels.

Learn more about our project at RIVACOLD

New construction of a sewage sludge incineration plant

EEW Energy from Waste operates the largest and most modern plant in Germany. With thirty years of experience in waste recycling and disposal, they lay the foundation for Lower Saxony's first mono-incineration plant. The incineration of sewage sludge requires sufficient fresh air supply in the boiler house. However, the heat output from the boiler house must be reliably dissipated. This is where roda's ventilation technology comes into play, ensuring that the temperature always remains between 6 - 40 °C to avoid malfunctions or damage to the facilities.

Find out everything about our project at EEW Energy of Waste 

Permanent air and heat exchange at Nussbaum Frankenberg GmbH

Nussbaum Frankenberg GmbH, founded in 1993, is a familyowned company with three production sites and meanwhile has more than 400 employees. The group is active nationally and internationally in the production of high-quality and sustainable aluminium cans. Particularly in terms of sustainability, Nussbaum is a leader with its Nucan-PCR recyclable cans. These aluminium monobloc cans made of 100% used beverage cans, achieve a CO2 reduction of 96%. The aluminium cans are developed and manufactured in-house, lacquered individually and distributed. The main application of the products is in the food and pharmaceutical industries. The challenge of the production facility: Aluminium processing is basically very energy-intensive, which leads to a high heat load in the production hall.


New construction of a bakery with café

A tradition of craftsmanship since 1886 – Schäfers bakery in Chemnitz is the oldest local business in Chemnitz Rabenstein and has been delighting customers with baked goods made according to family recipes for decades. The bakery now supplies 20 branches and has over 120 employees. The company's growth necessitated a site expansion to provide more space and optimal production conditions. In 2021, the expansion began with the construction of a larger production hall, and a café. The big challenge here: the bakery generates a lot of heat, which conventional ventilation units with extractor hoods could not cope with. A combination of roda and LAMILUX products now represents the optimal solution.

Find out everything about our project at Schäfers Backstube

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[Translate to English:] zu sehen sind Arbeiter am Mehrzwecklüfter

Multipurpose ventilators for RAI Amsterdam

roda partner Klimakon systems B.V. is installing 54 multi-purpose all weather ventilators for RAI Amsterdam. Every year, RAI facilitates over[...]

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[Translate to English:] zu sehen ist ein RWA-System mit Lüftungsfunktion Typ PHÖNIX

Custom made solution

Another example of our possibilities of custom made products – Smoke vent type PHOENIX with a base aligned to the slope of the roof.

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[Translate to English:] zu sehen ist der Mehrzwecklüfter Typ MEGAPHÖNIX

Perfect solution for maximum daylight and ventilation

roda ventilators are manufactured to customer´s requirements. For this German project, multi-purpose-ventilators type MEGAPHOENIX are[...]

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[Translate to English:] zu sehen sind die MV Werften Wismar

Project MV Werften Wismar

At Shipyard MV Werften Wismar, Germany, passenger ships are being built from the Rhine Class type, which are used on rivers, up to the Global[...]

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[Translate to English:] zu sehen sind Nut-Feder-Systeme

Facáde design

That multiwall polycarbonate daylight solutions can also be an invitation for creative designs for letting daylight into buildings is shown[...]

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[Translate to English:] zu sehen sind Doppelklappen Typ FIREFIGHTER

FIREFIGHTER for fresh sea breeze

Residents of Greystones in Wicklow, Ireland enjoy the view from their Mairine Village apartments and benifit from the daylight, natural[...]

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[Translate to English:] zu sehen ist der Fire Australia

With new partner at exhibition FIRE AUSTRALIA

As member of Lamilux Group, we are happy to announce that company EBSA is distributing roda products and systems on the Australian market.[...]

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[Translate to English:] zu sehen sind Alu-Abdeckungen

SMOKEJET on a barrel roof

Did you know it is also possible to install the louvered smoke vent type SMOKEJET onto a twin skin roof with no ridge? Project Gratton[...]

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