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insect protection

Well protected for greater hygiene

First and foremost, the food industry has particularly strict hygiene regulations, but other branches of industry also require high air exchange rates while maintaining high hygiene standards.  
Production facilities or warehouses often require sufficient air supply. Production facilities in particular, where there is high humidity due to cooking processes, for example, rely on a high air exchange rate.
This not only makes working much more bearable, but also reduces the possibility of fungi and other organic pollutants forming by permanently reducing the humidity. This means that the building must be ventilated regularly and sufficiently without insects entering the building from the outside. This is made possible by the use of insect protection grids. 

    Fire protection and insect protection combined 

    However, simple retrofitting is often difficult, as insect protection grids reduce the aerodynamically effective opening area of the unit by 25 – 50%, depending on the insect protection grid used, so that necessary smoke extraction areas can no longer be guaranteed. 
    This reduction must be taken into account when designing the systems in size and number according to the fire protection concept. The manufacturer should be able to name the parameters to be taken into account for the insect protection grid used in each case, backed up by appropriate tests and expert reports. 


    • Smoke and heat exhaust ventilation systems (SHEV) 
    • Ventilation systems 


    Advantages of the product


    • Optimal protection for hygienic operations 
    • Made of durable material which is easy to clean 
    • Easy access 
    • Tested for aerodynamic influence 
    • Optionally as drawer 
    • No effect on ventilation performance 
    • Easy cleaning during operation 
    • Can be retrofitted without interfering with the roof cladding 

    Technical details


    If you are planning to integrate insect protection into your system or equipment, our experts at roda will be happy to advise you in order to work out an optimal solution for a dimensioned ventilation concept together with you. 
    The ventilation concept depends on the required air exchange rate. In general, it is advisable to take this into account at the planning stage and to plan for more opening space than is provided for in the fire protection concept and as is practised in the planning of other operations. This is because a high air exchange rate is essential in operations with special hygiene regulations. And naturally acting ventilation systems achieve this air exchange completely energy-free, which means that the investment in a sufficient number of ventilation units can be more than amortised in a few years. 


    We offer various designs to integrate insect protection grids into your roda smoke and heat exhaust ventilation systems. Depending on the requirements, our insect protection grids can be permanently installed or designed as drawers. With our multi-purpose ventilators, there is the option of a version with a drawer or of installing the insect protection grids directly in the side boxes. The advantage for you is that the aerodynamically effective opening area required in the event of a fire is not impaired. In both cases, the grids can be cleaned from the roof during operation. When retrofitting in existing buildings, the systems can also be installed without interfering with the roof cladding. 


    The most elegant solution is offered by our multi-purpose ventilators, such as the MEGAPHOENIX double flap system. It can be equipped with insect protection grids in the side boxes. The control system is designed in such a way that ventilation takes place via the side boxes without exception. The top flaps of the system are only opened in case of fire. Since the smoke gases are not obstructed by an insect protection grid when flowing out through the top flaps, the full aerodynamically effective opening area is retained in the SHEV function.  


    The PHOENIX SHEV and ventilation system can also be equipped with insect protection grids. Optionally integrated as a drawer, these can also be cleaned from the roof during operation. The entire effective opening area of the system is available for ventilation. With a ventilation position of 90° (full ventilation) you achieve the maximum possible natural ventilation capacity. 

    Installation and cleaning 

    Our roda insect protection grids are easily accessible from above and can be removed in a few simple steps. This means that cleaning can be carried out from the roof during operation.  


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