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Experience the effectiveness of fresh air in your industrial workday

Healthy air is not only a basic right but also a decisive factor for productivity and well-being. People require sufficient oxygen and fresh air in order to perform. At roda, we work to ensure that your industrial building offers just that - a clean, fresh and healthy working atmosphere through our ventilation systems.

Poor ventilation and temperature conditions can affect well-being and performance, leading to increased accidents, errors and a decrease in productivity. Our ventilation solutions balance air temperature, air movement, humidity and oxygen levels to ensure optimal performance.

For a healthy working environment with roda's ventilation technology

Our focus on productivity, health and well-being

Breathing for peak performance

Good indoor air quality promotes well-being and productivity

In the modern workplace, the effects of poor air quality can not be ignored. This can affect the health of employees and therefore reduce work performance and productivity. That's why it is our top priority to ensure optimal air quality and thus create a positive working environment.

Why roda? Our demand for ventilation and daylight technology

Innovative solutions and many years of experience for a better indoor climate

As a long-standing expert in natural ventilation and day lighting technology, roda offers you effective and innovative solutions to improve air quality. We focus on the highest quality and durability for daily use. Our systems have already proven themselves for decades on the roofs of our contented customers. With roda's solutions, you benefit from a sustainable and efficient method to increase your productivity and improve working conditions.


How do you get fresh air?

roda's ventilation concepts for every project

We work with you to develop individual solutions that are adapted to your specific requirements. Whether you want to renovate, retrofit, build new or have your systems serviced, we are at your side. A particularly important aspect is renovation during ongoing operation. With our experience and expertise, we can ensure that your operations continue to run smoothly throughout the entire process.

Individual ventilation solutions for your company

roda as a competent partner

At roda, we understand that every company is unique and has its own specific requirements. That's why we offer customized solutions to meet your company's needs. We guide you all the way from planning to safe acceptance and beyond for the entire life cycle of your building. Benefit from thorough advice, accurate planning, efficient implementation, and function for decades.

Renovation in existing buildings: VENTILATION TECHNOLOGY WITH RODA

Experts for individual renovation solutions

Renovation requires expertise. We meet legal requirements, health regulations and industrial demands with individual and custom-fit solutions. Our installers are also experts in their field, and their many years of experience enable them to find an individual solution for every problem. Your satisfaction is our success. In existing buildings, roda offers not only the complete restoration of your skylights but also the replacement of individual elements that can be seamlessly integrated into your existing constructions. This guarantees the maximum flexibility during the restoration and an individual solution that is specifically tailored to your construction project.

RODA'S SUCCESS STORIES in ventilation and daylighting technology

Successful solutions for better air, health and productivity

The quality of our work is evident in the numerous success stories we have experienced with our customers. Our solutions have not only improved air quality in a variety of industrial environments, but also increased employee productivity, health and energy efficiency.

The advantages of working with roda

Partnership for success and efficiency

A partnership with roda brings numerous benefits. In addition to improving working conditions and increasing productivity, you can also expect a reduction in energy costs. You will also benefit from our many years of experience and our commitment to innovation and quality. We will accompany you from the planning to the acceptance of your project and will also always be by your side in case of maintenance and problems.

Focus on customised solutions

roda as a problem solver

Together with our customers, we develop customised solutions for every requirement. Not only do we provide air exchange in your building, we also offer you natural light and safety in case of fire with our products. We take into account legal regulations, health regulations and industrial requirements, implement complicated renovation solutions and take care of funding opportunities for your project. 

Focus on personal support 

roda as a reliable partner

As a full-service provider, we take you by the hand from the planning and development of customised solutions to the installation and acceptance on the roof. But this is still not the end for us: We are at your side throughout the entire life cycle of your building with our professional maintenance (manufacturer-independent). Long-standing relationships confirm customer satisfaction through our personal all-round support service. 

Focus on long-lasting product quality

roda as an expert

We are your competent expert for your lighting, air and fire protection solutions, whether you are renovating, retrofitting, building new or maintaining your systems. More than 35 years of experience with natural and mechanical air exchange in industrial plants distinguish our professionals and, above all, our long-lasting product quality. Our trained and certified experts at roda ensure innovative, made-to-order and durable solutions in your project.  

roda stands for fresh air and service

Health and productivity for your well-being

roda double flap ventilator

Our references

Satisfied customers through individual solutions. roda finds the optimal answer for every project.

roda products

Our products

Natural and efficient ventilation for any weather with roda products.

roda louvre windows

roda finds solutions

Light, fresh air and a visually enhanced overall impression of buildings through louvre windows from roda.

Our promise for your satisfaction

“For over 35 years, we have been working closely with our customers to develop made-to-order solutions for all kinds of requirements. In doing so, the satisfaction of our customers is especially close to our hearts. We want to inspire them with sophisticated products, creative solutions and personal service. That is why our daily work is characterised by adapting our technological innovations and our service precisely to your needs and concerns. Because you, the customer, are the central focus of our entrepreneurial thinking and actions. We are your problem solver. We are your reliable partner. We are your expert.”

Dr. Alexander Strunz

Better air exchange for your building?

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