For your health, we focus on clean air in buildings

Our concept for a healthier workplace and building

Fresh air and oxygen are the energy providers for body and mind and thus essential for our everyday life. Every person needs sufficient fresh air and oxygen every day. Unfortunately, the majority of the working population spends their working hours in closed buildings. Therefore, humane working conditions with healthy air conditions play a key role in ensuring people's health and performance capability. After all, a pleasant indoor climate with sufficient clean air is, on the one hand, an important component of a humane working environment and, on the other hand, a decisive productivity factor.  
Lack of oxygen, heat, vapours, dusts or harmful gases, in other words poor ventilation and temperature conditions, reduce the well-being and responsiveness of your employees and put a strain on your machines and buildings. Ensuring this all – that is what we have made the central focus of our work.  

We calculate the necessary air exchange rate and create this permanently, naturally and almost energy-free with our double flap systems. Our smoke and heat exhaust ventilation systems, permanent ventilation systems and skylights remove heat and stale air from your rooms to the outside, and with the right ventilation concept, clean air flows into the building to your employees. We focus on intelligent ventilation concepts and solutions – for a healthier workplace and better quality of life in your building. 

For a healthy working environment

Our focus on productivity, health and well-being

Fresh air awakens 

Air exchange brings oxygen and promotes concentration

We cannot live and work without oxygen. Our body cells need it to be awake and focused. Stale indoor air with a high CO2 content makes us tired, reduces our performance capability and harms the body. Ventilation systems counteract this effect. The air exchange reduces the CO2 content while increasing the oxygen content. This increases our motivation in the short term and our productivity in the long term.    

Air exchange ensures

Circulation ensures balanced indoor air quality

Dirt and heat put a strain on your machines and your buildings. This leads to expensive renovations and, in the worst case, production losses. Roof openings effectively discharge warm and dirt-laden air to the outside.  We offer you natural ventilation systems, SHEV systems and skylights, and create continuous air renewal for you without major system engineering effort. Natural ventilation is scalable. If the room temperature increases, the thermal lift increases at the same time and thus the system performance. 

A healthy indoor climate helps 

Heat dissipation and fresh air supply ensure efficiency

Research by occupational psychologists has shown: With each degree of temperature rise above 20 °C, productivity drops and a costly reduction in performance sets in. Heat dissipation and fresh air supply through double flap systems regulate a balanced air temperature, air movement, air humidity and the oxygen content of the air to ensure consistent well-being and great efficiency for your employees.

Ventilation concept guaranteed

Skylights and ventilation systems guarantee effective temperature 

The perception of comfort varies from person to person. One likes it colder, the other likes it warmer. Nevertheless, there is an effective temperature that describes the subjective temperature sensation of the human body at different air velocities, air and humidity temperatures as a measure of comfort. Natural or mechanical ventilation systems guarantee an effective temperature at which everyone feels comfortable.

Focus on customised solutions

roda as a problem solver

Together with our customers, we develop customised solutions for every requirement. Not only do we provide air exchange in your building, we also offer you natural light and safety in case of fire with our products. We take into account legal regulations, health regulations and industrial requirements, implement complicated renovation solutions and take care of funding opportunities for your project. 

Focus on personal support 

roda as a reliable partner

As a full-service provider, we take you by the hand from the planning and development of customised solutions to the installation and acceptance on the roof. But this is still not the end for us: We are at your side throughout the entire life cycle of your building with our professional maintenance (manufacturer-independent). Long-standing relationships confirm customer satisfaction through our personal all-round support service. 

Focus on long-lasting product quality

roda as an expert

We are your competent expert for your lighting, air and fire protection solutions, whether you are renovating, retrofitting, building new or maintaining your systems. More than 35 years of experience with natural and mechanical air exchange in industrial plants distinguish our professionals and, above all, our long-lasting product quality. Our trained and certified experts at roda ensure innovative, made-to-order and durable solutions in your project.  

Efficiency, energy, yield

Our ventilation concepts for fresh air in your building

The type and design of the ventilation concept as well as the necessary quantity and arrangement of the ventilation openings for skylights or SHEVS depend on the planned purpose of use, on economic and legal aspects and essentially on the needs and demands of the users, i.e. the people working in the building. Only when these influencing factors are taken into account and, at the end of it all, we optimise the efficiency, energy and yield of your property in the best possible way do we speak of the roda solution.  

But which system is best suited for which ventilation task? In what way can smoke and heat exhaust ventilation systems be combined with skylights? Which concept makes the most sense for your building? With their high level of problem-solving competence, our roda professionals have answers to all your questions and can solve any problem together with you and, as a reliable partner, develop an overarching concept for the natural or mechanical ventilation of your building together with you, taking into account the legal regulations and requirements. 

roda stands for fresh air and service

Health and productivity for your well-being

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Our projects throughout Europe

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As a problem solver and reliable partner, roda is well known. roda manufactures each product according to customer requirements and thus solves individual problems.

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“For over 35 years, we have been working closely with our customers to develop made-to-order solutions for all kinds of requirements. In doing so, the satisfaction of our customers is especially close to our hearts. We want to inspire them with sophisticated products, creative solutions and personal service. That is why our daily work is characterised by adapting our technological innovations and our service precisely to your needs and concerns. Because you, the customer, are the central focus of our entrepreneurial thinking and actions. We are your problem solver. We are your reliable partner. We are your expert.”

Dr. Alexander Strunz

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