Our double flap
Our double flap

Double flap Venturiair

Light and air combined

While the VENTURILIGHT is purely a lighting element, the VENTURIAIR is a lighting and ventilation element. Because in addition to its function as a lighting element, the VENTURIAIR can also be used for ventilation, with an actuator opening the hood with a stroke of 300 mm. The VENTURIAIR flat roof skylight also offers flexibility in sizes compared to conventional roof openings and enormous energy-saving possibilities thanks to its infill. 
The VENTURIAIR lighting and ventilation system is used in industrial, commercial and municipal buildings. The areas of application of the VENTURIAIR as a lighting and ventilation unit with PC flap infill include: 

  • Natural daylight 
  • Natural ventilation 
  • Energy savings (thermal insulation) 

The VENTURIAIR lighting and ventilation element complies with the European requirements according to EN 1873. 

Natural light 
Daylight in the workplace means a natural and, at the same time, pleasant working atmosphere. In addition, daylight contributes to increased productivity and helps save energy.

Our roda VENTURIAIR flat roof skylight provides daylight through its transparent or opal infill, as desired, and can thus contribute to an increased sense of well-being for people working in the building. In addition, the infill of the VENTURIAIR shines not only with high UV stability but also with the best light transmission values and, with opal glazing, with glare-reduced light diffusion. 

Natural ventilation unit 
In addition, the VENTURIAIR can be used for ventilation via a motor. For this purpose, an actuator opens the hood with a stroke of 300 mm. By opening the hood in ventilation position, an exchange of air can take place by supplying fresh air and discharging stale or polluted air. In this way, the VENTURIAIR contributes to a pleasant indoor climate. In conjunction with wind and rain sensors, the system can be controlled regardless of the weather and is equipped for any weather.  

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Flat roof 

Advantages of the product

Why Venturiair?

  • Natural daylight illumination 
  • Natural ventilation 
  • High energy savings through thermal insulation 
  • Ideal for flat roof applications with flexible sizes up to a roof opening size of 1800 x 2500 mm
  • Glare-free illumination when using PC opal or softlite
  • Completely pre-assembled on delivery  
  • For new construction and retrofitting 
  • Hailproof depending on the design 
  • Tested fall-through protection can be established via a separate base  

Technical details of the product

Double flap Venturiair


The roda VENTURIAIR lighting and ventilation system consists of an aluminium frame construction with an inserted 16 mm polycarbonate multi-wall panel. To achieve the best possible effect for your building, the roda product classic is available in different glazing types: 

  • Glazing made of 16 mm polycarbonate multi-wall panels (transparent, opal, softlite) 

The ventilation function of the VENTURIAIR is achieved by lifting the hoods. The hood is opened with a stroke of 300 mm by a 230 V electric motor opener. The hinges are positively attached to the base of the long side of the unit.  


Since our units are manufactured to customer order, we can customise the VENTURIAIR to your roof opening dimensions with sizes between 600 x 600 mm and 1800 x 2500 mm. For unit sizes with a roof opening length of up to 1500 mm, two hinges are used. But a roof opening length of 1501 mm, the unit is equipped with three hinges. 


Double flap Venturiair

Roof connection variants 

The area of use for the VENTURIAIR is the flat roof. Our system can be connected directly to the base provided by the customer, or our EUROSOCKEL can be used to connect to the roof, with a maximum size of 1800 x 2500 mm.  


Double flap Venturiair