AIRJET - Supply air louvers
for natural ventilation
AIRJET - Supply air louvers
for natural ventilation

Louvre ventilator Airjet

Natural ventilation for industrial plants

Extreme ventilation problems occur especially in production plants in heavy industry. Heat, smoke and dust impair the performance of the employees in a special way here. The consequences are diseases and production losses. 
Our roda specialist engineers have addressed this problem and designed an energy-independent and natural ventilation system: The AIRJET supply air louvre. It provides fresh air in the work area and thus reduces heat, dust and smoke pollution. 
The AIRJET is a supply air louvre for natural ventilation and was specially developed for the extreme conditions of heat-intensive industries, such as the steel, machinery or glass industries.

    The AIRJET supply air louvre is robust, low-maintenance and provides effective ventilation of problem areas. It also allows daylight to enter the building during the ventilation phase. For example, the AIRJET supply air louvre as part of a ventilation system ensures better workplace conditions. 
    The AIRJET can be mounted in all common wall constructions. It may only be used in vertical walls, with the louvres arranged horizontally. 

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    Vertical wall constructions

    Advantages of the product

    Why AIRJET?

    • Can be customised to every building for wall openings up to 5.46 m2 
    • Mounting in all common vertical wall constructions 
    • Natural and pleasant fresh air supply 
    • Production increase 
    • Stably designed pivot points 
    • Good aerodynamic efficiency 
    • Use for daily ventilation 
    • Full ventilation at louvre position of 85° 
    • Can be equipped with duct silencers 
    • Individual colouring through powder coating 
    • Simple and robust construction, therefore low maintenance 

    Technical details of the product

    Louvre ventilator Airjet

    Design features 

    The frame construction of the AIRJET is made of aluminium alloy AlMg3. The louvres are made of extruded aluminium profiles of the alloy AlMgSi0.5 F22. The AIRJET can be mounted in front of or in the façade. The louvres are aerodynamically shaped in 1.8 mm material thickness. The pivot points were tested with 30,000 load changes.  

    Drive & control variants 

    To open the units and adjust the louvres, it is possible to choose between pneumatic, electric motor and manual operation of the AIRJET supply air louvre. 

    Electrical control 

    With the electrical control, the supply air louvre is controlled by an electric motor. The louvres can be continuously adjusted via this spindle motor. It is equipped with a special permanent lubricant and is therefore maintenance-free. 

    Pneumatic control 

    With this drive type, the louvres are controlled by a compressed air cylinder mounted in the unit. The louvres can be opened by controlling the cylinders with compressed air. Two tension springs automatically close the unit when the pressure is released and keep the louvres closed. The compressed air cylinder is equipped with a special permanent lubricant and is therefore maintenance-free.  

    Manual control 

    If the louvres are mounted at the height of the working level, it is possible to open or close the louvres using a handle mounted on the inside of the unit.  


    Our products are made to customer specifications and can therefore be designed to fit your circumstances exactly. The roda AIRJET supply air louvre can be manufactured in all widths from 500 to 2000 mm. The unit length is defined by the number of individual louvres with a width of 133 mm (length = number of louvres x 133 mm + 172 mm for the frame). It is limited to a maximum of 20 louvres = 2832 mm. 


    The maintenance-free construction in compact lightweight design enables easy installation in all common wall constructions due to its low weight and a variety of available unit sizes. 


    Louvre ventilator Airjet

    In addition, the roda AIRJET supply air louvre can be equipped with further accessories on customer request, which brings effective advantages for the operator. 

    Duct silencer 

    Roda offers tailor-made solutions, even for noisy plants. With the duct silencer, it is possible to meet structural requirements even under extreme conditions. 

    • Optimum soundproofing 
    • Ideal for noisy plants 


    Louvre ventilator Airjet