MULTIJET - Rainproof ventilation
and shevs combined
MULTIJET - Rainproof ventilation
and shevs combined
MULTIJET - Rainproof ventilation
and shevs combined

louvre ventilator Multijet

Ventilation, daylight & fire protection

The MULTIJET louvre ventilator is a naturally acting all-weather ventilator that is also approved as a smoke and heat exhaust ventilation unit. The multi-purpose ventilator is designed as a stable modular system. It consists of a controllable louvre for fair weather ventilation and a wind deflector construction with controllable inner flaps for bad weather ventilation. The external louvres and the internal control flaps are controlled via compressed air cylinders. Automatic release in the event of fire is via an independent, drive-specific release mechanism. The outer louvres and inner flaps can alternatively be controlled via a 24 or 230 volt actuator. 
The MULTIJET system uses the existing temperature difference between the working level and the roof space as a motor for effective natural ventilation. Depending on the amount of heat, MULTIJET automatically regulates the removal of the used and polluted air. This means that the greater the amount of heat, the greater the temperature difference and the greater the air exchange, and not only in fine weather, but also in a rainproof position. 
Our roda classic MULTIJET combines fair weather ventilation, bad weather ventilation, daylight illumination and fire protection in one unit, thus providing optimum advantages for the operator. 

Fair weather ventilation In fair weather, natural ventilation is possible by opening the louvre blades of the MULTIJET. The heated and stale air can thus flow out continuously. Continuous air removal contributes greatly to improved conditions in the workplace and thus leads to a positive impact on the working environment for employees. 

Adverse weather ventilation 
Via an automatic rain sensor, the MULTIJET multi-purpose ventilator automatically closes the louvre blades and opens the interior flaps in the event of rain or snowfall. Ventilation is then weather-protected via pneumatic or electric interior flap control.   

Daylight illumination 
The use of glass or polycarbonate louvres makes MULTIJET a natural source of daylight. Often, just a few translucent multi-purpose louvre ventilators are enough to achieve the required brightness in a hall.   

Fire protection 
The MULTIJET louvre ventilator from roda meets the requirements of preventive fire protection in accordance with DIN 18232, DIN EN 12101-2 or VdS 2159. Corresponding CE certificates of conformity are available for the unit. With the help of thermal priority valves, the louvre opens automatically in case of fire. Smoke, heat and toxic fire gases can thus escape into the open air. In addition, any primary and secondary fires that occur are minimised and the work of the rescue teams in fighting the fire is made easier.  ​​​​​​
The MULTIJET louvre ventilator is an approved multi-purpose ventilator for installation in inclined positions, such as the shed roof, through to horizontal installation. Especially for installation in shed roofs up to 90°, the MULTIJET multi-purpose ventilator is a sensible solution. 

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Flat roof 

Skylight strip

Shed roof

Advantages of the product


  • Can be customised to all types of building 
  • Ventilation in dry weather with the full aerodynamic opening area 
  • 100% of the ventilation cross-section is released (for fair weather ventilation)  
  • Ventilation function even in the rain via rain-protected side boxes 
  • Safety in the event of a fire 
  • Can be easily combined with skylights 
  • Natural daylight illumination which is glare-free when using PC Softlite 
  • Enormous energy savings compared to mechanical ventilation 
  • Good aerodynamic efficiency
  • Corrosion resistance 
  • Ageing resistance 
  • Delivery also as dark flap 
  • Individual colouring through powder coating  
  • Drill-hole-free base connection via tension locks 
  • Product comes without harmful materials, therefore recyclable 
  • Suitability for new construction and for renovation projects  
  • Particularly suitable for use in heat production operations 
  • Simple installation 
  • Functionality in endurance test with 10,000 opening operations 
  • Hail and fall-through protection depending on the design

Technical details of the product


Construction features 

The MULTIJET louvre ventilator consists of an aluminium frame construction made of alloy AlMg3 and a number of swivelling, aerodynamically shaped louvres corresponding to the size. For the infill of the louvres, a choice can be made between aluminium, glass and PC. The louvres are opened and closed with the aid of an internal pneumatic cylinder or actuator. The louvre pivots are made of aluminium and mounted in UV-resistant nylon bushes. Sealing brushes or EPDM seals reduce the outflow of warm air to a minimum. The side inner flaps ensure ventilation even in bad weather. They are opened and closed again by another pneumatic cylinder with return springs or actuator. They are fastened to the base with tension locks or screw connections with sealing washers. 



  • Single-ply aluminium louvre 


  • Double-ply aluminium louvre 


  • Polycarbonate louvre 
  • Suitability for natural room illumination with daylight 


  • Single-ply VSG louvre 

Opening mechanism designs 

Pneumatically operated opening mechanism in case of fire 
  • Automatically via a thermal priority valve (TPV) and connected CO2 cartridge 
  • Via a fire emergency switch box with CO2 cartridge 
  • Triggered via fire alarm control panel by smoke detector or SHEV button (optional) 
Electrically operated opening mechanism in case of fire 
  • Via a SHEV control panel with buffer accumulators 
  • Via smoke detector or SHEV button 
  • With interconnected fire alarm control panel (optional) 
    Opening mechanism for daily use 

    Via on-site compressed air supply via ventilation control box (for pneumatics) or SHEV control panel (for 24V actuators):

    • Ventilation control box 
    • Button 
    • Timer for night cooling (optional) 
    • Wind and rain sensor for bad weather protection (optional) 


    Since our units are manufactured to customer order, the MULTIJET multi-purpose ventilator can be produced in defined width and length dimensions up to a size of 1926 x 2966 mm. As with the SMOKEJET, the length dimensions are based on the width of the louvres of 133 mm (length = number of louvres x 133 mm + 40 mm for the frame). 
    Depending on the location and requirements, the most suitable version can be selected from various designs with regard to different:  


    The modular construction of the roda MULTIJET multi-purpose ventilator enables problem-free, simple assembly. 



    The MULTIJET multi-purpose ventilator from roda can be equipped with accessories on customer request, which bring further efficient advantages for the operator.  

    Duct silencer 

    Roda offers tailor-made solutions, even for noisy plants. With the duct silencer, it is possible to meet structural requirements even under extreme conditions. In the State Opera House in Berlin, for example, a silencer of 54 dB ensures that the melodies stay inside and do not echo into the neighbourhood. 

    • Optimum soundproofing 
    • Ideal for noisy plants
    Insect protection grating 

    In the multi-purpose ventilators, the grids are optionally integrated as a drawer or only installed in the side boxes. When installed only in the side boxes, they do not impair the aerodynamically effective opening area required in case of fire. In both cases, they can be cleaned from the roof during operation. When retrofitting in existing buildings, the systems can be installed without interfering with the roof cladding. 

    • Ideal for industries with stringent hygiene regulations 
    • Easy cleaning during operation 
    • Optionally as drawer 
    • No effect on ventilation performance when installed in side box 
    Fall-through protection 

    Falls through an opening in the hall roof are not uncommon and often end fatally. According to the BG BAU, around half of all fatal accidents at work are fall-related. The fall-through protection of NSHEVs and skylights must be guaranteed not only during installation but also afterwards if maintenance work is to be carried out on open devices. 

    • Ensure the required fall-through safety through unit design 




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