PHOENIX - The classic
For daily ventilation use
PHOENIX - The classic
For daily ventilation use
PHOENIX - The classic
For daily ventilation use
PHOENIX - The classic
For daily ventilation use

Double flap Phoenix

Natural ventilation and SHEV combined

Climate changes and ever higher precipitation rates have pushed conventional ventilation and fire ventilation systems – especially in the flat roof area - to their application limits. In addition, there is contamination due to environmental and weather influences that put a ventilation or fire protection system under strain. We have set ourselves the goal of developing a system that offers optimum protection in industrial areas even in extreme bad weather periods. roda products combine ventilation, fire protection, smoke and heat extraction and natural lighting. 
The PHOENIX double flap is a natural ventilation unit with a ventilation position of 90°, which is also approved as a natural smoke and heat exhaust ventilation unit. The unit has been designed to withstand extreme weather conditions. Durability, quality and stability characterise the PHOENIX double flap ventilator and make it a classic in the roda product family. 

Natural ventilation

The PHOENIX single or double flap ventilator is suitable for almost all industrial applications. It can fully utilise its advantages, especially in daily ventilation applications. The ventilation position of 90° enables full ventilation and a special automatic rain sensor provides rain protection. The thermally separated variant reduces condensation and is therefore also suitable for use in high-humidity environments.  

Smoke and heat exhaust ventilation 

Smoke and heat exhaust ventilation systems are a necessary component of preventive fire protection. Necessary smoke extraction areas are already specified in the fire protection concept during planning. Their task is to save lives and animals by creating a smoke-free layer above the ground. At the same time, they ensure the protection of material assets and the immediate extinguishing of the fire through the removal of smoke. The PHOENIX double flap qualifies as a smoke and heat exhaust ventilation system, e.g. due to the automatic opening in case of fire via a CO2- tag, the network-independent opening by means of a CO2- alarm box and good aerodynamic efficiency (Aa value).  

Natural lighting

In addition to the advantages of natural ventilation and smoke and heat exhaust ventilation, the PHOENIX single or double flap also enables automatic lighting. This can be an advantage especially in large industrial halls. The PHOENIX double flap from roda offers extensive daylight incidence from above, a good U-value due to the use of double-webbed panels and glare-free light incidence due to the use of opal polycarbonate panels.  


Flat roof 

Shed roof

Skylight strip

Saddle skylight strip

Advantages of the product

Double Flap PHOENIX

  • Flexible sizes for any roof opening up to 7.5 m2 
  • Can be customised to all types of building 
  • Ideal for flat roof area 
  • Natural, energy saving daylight illumination 
  • Use for daily ventilation 
  • Full ventilation with ventilation position 90° 
  • Efficient rainwater drainage via central gutters 
  • Simple assembly due to delivery of a complete construction unit 
  • Easy installation in all roof constructions up to a slope of 90° 
  • Suitable for high snow and wind suction loads
  • Hail and fall-through safe depending on the design 
  • Good aerodynamic efficiency  
  • Good U-values and low clearance losses 
  • Delivery also with dark flap 
  • Sound insulation values up to 33 dB 
  • Drill-hole-free base connection via tension locks 
  • Individual colouring through powder coating in RAL colours 
  • CE marking 
  • Requirements according to DIN EN 12101-2 and VdS 2159  
  • Recyclable product without harmful materials

Technical details of the product

Double Flap PHOENIX


The PHOENIX natural ventilation unit is available as a single flap and as a double flap with various design options. Depending on the design, our systems meet the requirements of DIN 12101-2 and VdS 2159. In addition, the pneumatically driven units PX1 and PX2 are tested in the corresponding version with regard to explosion protection (ATEX) of the EU Directive 94/9/EC with reference to the standards EN 1127-1, EN 13463-1 and EN 13463-5.  

Phoenix PX1 
  • Single flap opening or rigid 
  • Suitable for skylight strips or shed roofs  
  • Meets the requirements of DIN EN 12101-2 and VdS 2159 
  • Length (mm): 500 – 3000 
  • Width (mm): 500 – 1250 
PhOEnix PX2 
  • Double flap opening or rigid 
  • Meets the requirements of DIN EN 12101-2 and VdS 2159 
  • Length (mm): 500 – 3000 
  • Width (mm): 1000 – 2500 
  • Double flap with short cylinders 
  • Meets the requirements of DIN EN 12101-2 and VdS 2159 
  • Length (mm): 1000 – 3000 
  • Width (mm): 1200 – 2000 


Since the units are manufactured to customer order, the PHOENIX single or double flap can be individually customised to the given requirements on site. The units are available in all lengths and widths up to 2500 x 3000 mm. In the individual designs, all length and width dimensions are possible up to the following sizes:  

  • PHOENIX PX1:             From 750 x 1000 mm to 1250 x 3000 mm 
  • PHOENIX PX2:             From 1000 x 1000 mm to 2500 x 3000 mm
  • PHOENIX PX2 MKII:     From 1200 x 500 mm to 2000 x 2500 mm (with shortened cylinders)

Furthermore, depending on the location and requirements, the most suitable variations can be selected. Especially in relation to different:   

Glazing type  

The roda hood frames are made of dimensionally stable corrosion-resistant aluminium profiles with the alloy AlMgSi05. The hoods themselves can be fitted in either 16 or 25 mm polycarbonate panels or aluminium sandwich panels. The hoods are opened to a 90° position and closed again either via pneumatic cylinders or 24V linear drives. They also lock in the open and closed position. 
The inclination of the hoods to the horizontal is 6°. Our hoods are attached to three sturdy hinges made of cast aluminium parts by means of carriage bolts. Tightness is achieved by means of profile seals. The unit modules are pre-assembled and tested ready for operation. Depending on the hood infill, a sound insulation value of up to 33dB is possible. All roda hood variants are permissible up to the maximum size. 

Glazing type K2 
  • 16 mm polycarbonate 
  • Clear, opal, opaque or softlite 
  • Up to hail protection class HR5 
Glazing type K3 
  • 16 mm/ 25 mm – polycarbonate clear, opal, opaque or softlite 
  • Only with version 33 – thermally separated 
Glazing type A1  
  • Single-shell aluminium 
Glazing type A2
  • Double-walled aluminium with 20 or 30 mm insulation 
Glazing type A3
  • Double-walled aluminium with 20 or 30 mm insulation 
  • thermally separated 


Double Flap PHOENIX

The PHOENIX double flap from roda can be equipped with accessories on customer request, which bring further efficient advantages for the operator.  

Fall-through protection grating
  • Ensuring the required fall-through safety 
  • Maximum size: 1300 x 2500 mm 
  • Mesh width: 100 x 100 mm
Insect protection grating 
  • Ideal for industries with high hygiene regulations 
  • Easy cleaning during operation 
  • Optionally as drawer 
Glare protection 
  • Avoidance of glare  
  • Material: Aluminium 
  • Material thickness: 0.6 mm  
  • Comb size: 15 x 15 mm 
  • Web height: 30 mm 
  • Anti-glare angle of 63° 


Double Flap PHOENIX

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Double Flap PHOENIX