Our double flap
Our double flap

Single flap ventilator

Light, ventilation & SHEV

In order to regulate the heat and CO2 content, as well as stale air and humidity in warehouses, production halls or larger administrative buildings, sufficient and regular air exchange is required. Single flap ventilators are used for daily ventilation and are sometimes used as smoke and heat exhaust ventilation systems (SHEV). In addition, single flap ventilators can be used as a lighting element. 

Advantages of single flap ventilators: 

  • Ideal for flat roof area 
  • Good aerodynamic efficiency  
  • Maximum cost effectiveness  
  • Energy-saving, natural lighting 
  • Available in modules or assembled ready for operation  

The VenturiAir is available for smaller light areas in the roof that are also to be used for ventilation. It consists of an aluminium frame construction with an inserted 16 mm polycarbonate multi-wall panel. It offers enormous energy savings and high UV stability.  
The VenturiSmoke VS1 is suitable for daily ventilation and simultaneous smoke and heat exhaust ventilation. It is an EN approved natural smoke and heat exhaust ventilation unit (NSHEV) that has a hood that opens to an opening angle of 165° in case of fire. 

Naturally acting SHEV

In Germany, the Building Code determines the legal framework for preventive technical fire protection. Whenever natural smoke extraction is required by building regulations, natural smoke and heat exhaust ventilation systems are used. Smoke and heat exhaust ventilation systems (SHEV) open windows in the roof in the event of a fire to route smoke and hot gases from a building to the outside. They ensure that escape and rescue routes are free of smoke and toxic fire gases and thus enable an effective firefighting attempt. 
roda single flap ventilators comply with DIN EN 12101-2, which describes the European requirements for a natural smoke and heat exhaust ventilation unit (NSHEV).  

Energy savings through single flap ventilators

Single flap ventilators not only improve air quality, thermal comfort and thus increase employee satisfaction, they also help save lives in an emergency. Because single flap ventilators use natural ventilation and make use of thermal lift, single flap ventilators enable a high air volume exchange without any energy requirements. In this way, single flap ventilators also contribute to ventilation system investment savings and thus to lower electricity bills. 

Perfecting the single flap ventilators

Single flap ventilators can also be equipped with a wide range of accessories and perfected for the respective purpose:  


roda offers tailor-made solutions, even for noisy plants. With the duct silencer, it is possible to meet structural requirements.  

Fall-through protection 

Falls through an opening in the hall roof are not uncommon and often end fatally. Around half of all fatal accidents at work are accidents due to falls from a height (BG Bau). The fall-through protection of NSHEVs and skylights must be guaranteed not only during installation but also afterwards, especially when maintenance work is to be carried out on open devices. 

Insect or bird protection

Appropriate grids can be installed in the unit opening at the factory. Retrofitting is also possible at any time. When retrofitting in existing buildings, the systems can be installed without interfering with the roof cladding. 

Single flap ventilator

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Venturi Smoke VS1

The single flap VENTURISMOKE VS1 is suitable for daily ventilation and smoke and heat exhaust ventilation in flat roof areas.

Venturi Air

The VENTURIAIR light and ventilation unit provides natural daylight and natural aeration and ventilation in buildings.