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Roda Licht- und Lufttechnik GmbH

the best possible solutions for your air exchange

The roda Licht- und Lufttechnik GmbH uses only materials and methods of high quality. Our natural smoke and heat extraction systems, for instance, can therefore be used for daily ventilation. Our devices open to an angle of 90°, while many systems for ventilation merely open up to 30° and thus make only a small part of the actual opening space available. The high quality of the materials and production methods is also proved by long-term tests, in which the devices are opened and closed 10,000 times.

roda is a VdS-accredited manufacturer of natural smoke and heat extraction systems (NSHEV). As such we have an extraordinary obligation as far as the perfect operation of our systems is concerned. In terms of fire safety equipment there can’t be any compromises in respect of functionality even after many years of use.



we take you by the hand

Your partner for the entire life cycle of your buildings

We would like to support you in an advisory capacity during the planning phase. During implementation, as a system supplier, we not only assemble the desired SHEV system for you, but also the required control system. In order to ensure proper functioning over the entire service life, we offer to maintain the systems in a regular cycle. We are also a competent partner at your side for buildings that are to be renovated to the current state of the art after decades of use.


high quality manufactured

Double flap ventilator

Double flap and single flap ventilators

Double flap ventilators supply buildings with fresh air efficiently and without energy.

Louvre fan

Louvre fan

Louvre fans allow for an optimal indoor climate by providing adequate ventilation.

Louvre windows

Louvre windows

Louvre windows, in addition to fresh air, allow sufficient light into the building.

Mechanical ventilation

Mechanical ventilation

Whether centralized or decentralized ventilation systems - our systems ensure fresh air in your building.

Smoke and heat exhaust ventilation units

Smoke and heat exhaust ventilation units

Smoke and heat exhaust ventilation units prevent the uncontrolled spread of smoke in the event of a fire.

Daylight technology

Daylight technology

Daylighting systems bring natural light into the building and thus guarantee a pleasant room atmosphere.

rigid smoke curtains

Smoke curtains prevent the spread of smoke in buildings where smoke compartments are not already structurally present.

Megaphönix by roda


roda takes an individual approach to your project and finds a solution.

Fresh air where possible

Fans when necessary
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We bring fresh air

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latest projects

real solutions are worth a thousand words

New construction of a sewage sludge incineration plant

The sewage sludge incineration plant from EEW Energy from Waste GmbH requires sufficient fresh air supply in the boiler house. However, the heat output from the boiler house must be reliably dissipated. This is where roda's ventilation technology comes into play, ensuring that the temperature always remains between 6 - 40 °C to avoid malfunctions or damage to the facilities.

New construction of a bakery with café

In 2021, the expansion began with the construction of a larger production hall, and a café. The big challenge here: the bakery generates a lot of heat, which conventional ventilation units with extractor hoods could not cope with. A combination of roda and LAMILUX products now represents the optimal solution.

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