Great work by Smoke Management Systems installation team. Short video of roda PHOENIX Smoke Ventilators installed in Dublin.

Nice drone impression of the Renuar project in Israel as realized by roda´s business partner PARAGON.

Another advantage of roda PHOENIX natural smoke vents is that the full capacity can also be used for day-to-day ventilation. This installation for the temperature-controled building of a supply chain management facilty in the key food and pharmaceutical sector has been succesfully realized by our partner Smoke Management Systems, Dublin, Ireland.

In march 2017, the new Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center was handed over to the Greek state. The € 600 million  complex located in the bay of Phaliron in Athens, a design from star architect Renzo Piano, was donated by the Foundation includes new facilities for the National Library of Greece and the National Opera. During his visit (2016) US President Barack Obama gave a speech here covering the impact of democracy. The acoustic performance of the building is already being described as world class contributed by roda FIREFIGHTERS with a sound insulation of 46dB , installed for day to day ventilation and fire safety.

Paris Eiffel Tower does not need any introduction. One of it´s restaurants however needed an update for daylight, ventilation and fire safety. The roda SMOKEJETS were the solution. Feel safe and comfortable next time when you have your drink, lunch or dinner there. Well performance by our French business partner airsun.

1,500 m² barrel vault rooflights with 100 no. EN12101-2 certified PHOENIX natural ventilators, perfectly integrated and installed by our partner roda EMB International GmbH on the roof of a Logistic Center in Graz, Austria. This new 26,400 m² is property of TLC - Temmel Logistikcenter, which is a top-professional service provider for the automotive and manufacturing industries. The PHOENIX systems guarantee fire saftey and excellent daily ventilation since the flaps are designed, tested and approved to open 90º also for natural ventilation.

PHÖNIX natural ventilators for fire saftey, daylight and daily ventilation with fall through protection, burglar guards and bird meshes installed at Colruyt Herstal, Belgium by roda partner Indumec B.V.B.A. With stores in over 200 locations in Belgium and others in Luxembourg, France and the Netherlands, Colruyt Group is most known for food retail, but is also active in non-food and fuels. Colruyt is also one of two franchisees of the SPAR brand in Belgium and combined strategic alliance under the name CORE together with COOP Switzerland, REWE Germany and CONAD Italy.

Summer in Europe! For those who work in a building with poor indoor climate conditions however, current temperatures result in less productivity and motivation. Natural ventilation and night cooling could be a cost efficient and healthy remedy as chosen for in the new MRI Center of Scientific and Technical Culture in Caen, Normandy France. Two PHÖNIX flap vents shapely integrated in the facade of each level provide an adequate fresh air supply.

Explosion vents installed at the boiler house of Austrian Energy supplier STEIERMARK in Graz by our partner roda EMB International GmbH. These hatches are safety devices to protect equipment and building against excessive internal, explosion-incurred pressures, by means of pressure relief. The special tested design assures immediate opening when a predeterminded inside pressure is exceeded and thus led out. In the four corners additionally, all-weather ventilation units type MEGAPHOENIX provide a controlled continuous natural ventilation.

Trade fair center Tulln, near Vienna, is one of Austria´s premiere exhibition centers where important events such as the Austrian Boat show and the Austro Agrar take place. Roda International GmbH recently extended the daylight- and SHEV (smoke- and heat exhaust ventilation) system with 32 no. units type PHOENIX. An engineered mix of translucent and opague polycarbonate flap infills provides the right amount of daylight and free escape routes in case of a fire in this new part of in total 30,500 square meters of exhibition space. Extra feature is the ventilation feasibilty accommodating the fresh air requirement to internal and external conditions.

During installation of this project the engineers took a slightly longer break to enjoy the unforgettable mountain scenery. On the roof of the 5 exhibition halls of the Congress Center in the Alpine city of Innsbruck, roda´s Austrian partner installed 80 no. type PHÖNIX for natural smoke- and heat exhaust and daily ventilation.

There were no complaints from the engineers about the view and the fresh air while assembling the 45 no. PHÖNIX natural smoke ventilators on the roof of this REWE shopping center in Stams, Austria. Our local partner roda E.M.B International GmbH has by means of a comprehensive control system ensured the system will guarantee safe escape routes in case of a fire but also a comfortable indoor climate during warmer during warmer days for visitors and staff.

Initially a chicken breeding farm as project might not sound remarkable, but this farm of the romanian company Transavia is more than spectacular. Here our partner Rokaflex installed PHOENIX natural ventilators for smoke and heat exhaust as well as for day-to-day ventilation. The structural glazed dome shaped in the form of a gigantic egg is the centre of this new 6,000 m² headquarter of the company. Transavia breeds over 25 million chicken a year divided over 15 farms spread over the country. Two slaughterhouses, a compound feed plant and other business segments are also part of the company. 

What looks like a nostalgic picture of a model railway is in fact a roof section of a well known car manufacturing industry in the south of Germany. Starring a total of 38 no. PHÖNIX double flap smoke- and heat exhaust vents. Decisive for roda being awarded this project was the fact that PHÖNIX-flaps can also be opened 90º for daily ventilation wherein the full aerodynamic area is available for fresh air exchange.

Fidamco, partner of roda in The Netherlands is in the finishing stage of installing the daylight-, ventilation- and fire safety system at Rockwool. The extended and completely renovated storage is provided with an intelligent aspirating smoke detection system, multiwall polycarbonate rooflights and Smokejet louvered smoke vents.

No delay at Brussels airport!

Within 3 weeks after the explosions, roda partner INDUMEC replaces 26 no. damaged smoke ventilators of the departure terminal at Zaventem airport.

Conscientious coordination between the airport´s management board, INDUMEC and roda made this immediate reconstruction possible while at the same time the first flights and passengers take off since the dramatic attack. 

With 160 stores and 14 restaurants, Kvadrat in Sandnes is Norway´s fourth largest shopping centre. roda partner AerogelNorge installed 380 sqm Lumira® filled polycarbonate sheets in the shed-roofs of the mall. Good insulation performance is mandatory for new buildings in Norway, the Lumira® brings the u-value of the 40 mm sheets down to 0,59 W/m²K. With the click-system of the polycarbonate sheets  type 540-3 glazing without vertical support bars is possible.

In LLiça D´Amunt (Barcelona) our Spanish partner Termodin/air installed over 500 no. smoke ventilators, different versions of type PHÖNIX and hundreds of square meters heat resistant smoke curtains in Logistic Center MANGO.  The 66,500 m² building has a automation system with a capacity to handle 75,000 items of clothing per hour. In 1984 Mango opened it´s first store in Barcelona. Meanwhile there are over 2,700 MANGO stores divided over 107 countries worldwide.

64 no. various types of roda´s TGL ISO louvered ventilators are installed in the new state-of-the-art warehouse of LF Logistics in Jurong West, Singapore. With a built-up area of 1 million square feet, this warehouse is equipped with a 11-crane, 48,000-pallet automised storage and retrieval system and has multi-temperature zones for ambient, chilled and frozen storage where the ventilators are made applicable to. LF Logistices is the logistics arm of Li & Fung Limited, a multinational leader headquartered in Hong Kong. 

Our Spanish partner Termodin/air recently installed a system for daylight, ventilation and fire safety in the Maritime Station of Algeciras, where over 5 million passengers per year use this terminal. There, the ferries are a very popular and convenient way for travelling to North Africa. 8 no. natural ventilators type Smokejet, overall size 2426 x 2185 mm with double wall opal polycarbonate louvers, electrical operated are installed on high level in the front and the back of the building. With a special flange it was possible to integrate the units into the existing facade. At lower level, near the entrance, 4 no. glazed louver windows 1525 x 1600 mm type TGL powdercoated to match the existing marine blue facade are for fresh air inlet. The system is controlled by a wind and rain detecting automation system.

Our Austrian partner roda E.M.B. International GmbH was awarded to supply and install a ventilation system for the REWE Group: with 15,000 stores in 12 European countries a big supermarket chain with 330,000 employers. The 160,000 m³/h capacity mechanical installation can seperately controll the 4 no. areas of the Karlsdorf warehouse while the natural air supply is provided by large controllable louvered ventilators in the facade.

Amazon’s logistical center in San Fernando de Henares, outside of Madrid, is enlarged from 32,000 square meters to 75,000 square meters. Spanish roda partner Termodin/air installed 148 no. natural smoke ventilators type PHOENIX with approved fall through safety grid onto conical upstands for an optimum aerodynamic efficiency. The system is besides EN12101-2 also VdS approved.

In Seestadt town near Vienna our Austrian partner, roda E.M.B. International GmbH was awarded by Hoerbiger to install a total number of 15 triangular skylights and 40 smoke vents type PHOENIX with 24V actuators. The skylights are constructed asymmetrically and have a south-facing shading to ensure optimum and glare-free daylight illumination. Hoerbiger Holding AG from Switzerland is a global producer of compression technology, automation technology and hydraulics. Among other products, in Seestadt the production of drive technology will be the focus.

The Burghausen plant is WACKER’s principal production site and the largest chemical site in Bavaria. At the 2 km² site, nearly 10,000 employees manufacture thousands of different products in some 150 facilities. Here roda Licht- und Lufttechnik GmbH (Langenau office) replaced the existing ventilation system for SMOKEJET automatic operable ventilators with multiwall polycarbonate louvers and birdguards integrated inside. The underlying structural frame has been covered with a customized slim aluminium profile.

REWE International AG is Austria's market leader in the food and drug stores. Our austrian partner roda international GmbH equipped a 3,000m² part of the REWE main warehouse in St. Pölten with a smoke and heat system. 31 no. smoke vents type SMOKEJET of which 4 no. in the facade for air inlet are installed contributing the fire safety and daylight requirements.

Dow Chemical and DuPont are in advanced talks to merge, in what would be a combination of two of America’s oldest companies that together are worth nearly $120 billion. For both these chemical giants roda manufactured systems for natural (smoke-)ventilation in the past. Recently our dutch business partner FIDAMCO commissioned 44 NSHEV systems type PHOENIX for the Dow Chemical plant in Hamburg, Germany.

Slanchevi Lachi AD is an oil-producing company, which specialised in the production and processing of vegetable, technical and hydrogen oil and oil products. For it´s new production plant in Sofia, Bulgaria, roda has supplied smoke and heat ventilation systems type PHOENIX. Units of 3,4 m² and 4 m² are integrated into the industrial façade and contribute to an harmonic image. A special requirement of the system is the APEX certification: roda is one of the few manufacturers who has its products tested and approved explosion proof by an accredited independent test institute.

The Burntwood-school project, Wandsworth district, London, for which roda supplied the translucent elements for the characteristic facade, was nominated and granted the RIBA-Stirling Award 2015.

The facade is a sandwich-composition of U-channel glass plus a LumiraTM filled 16 mm multiwall polycarbonate sheet. Due to the LumiraTM aerogel this combination has an overall U-value of 1,2W/m².K

The RIBA-Stirling Award is one of Great Britain's most appreciated awards among architects.

One of our most recent project is the Antwerps Sportpaleis . The existing smoke vents are currently being replaced with 58 no. multifunction ventilators type MEGAPHOENIX by our Belgium partner INDUMEC BVBA. The systems outsides are polyester powder coated in blue or grey color to match the recognizable and so typical appearance of the roof. The inside of the units are painted 2-component matt black. Fitted with aluminium flaps and additional measures have been taken to prevent daylight coming in.

Antwerp's Sport Palace is a multipurpose hall of where concerts, sporting events, festivals and fairs are organized. The arena was built for sport, especially track cycling in 1933. Besides safety in case of a fire, the MEGAPHOENIX are responsible for a good air quality for the 23.000 visitors the event arena is able to hold. One of the stars coming up to entertain the audience underneath our systems will be Madonna. She is scheduled to perform here as part of her Rebel Heart Tour on November 28th this year.

Object:Exhibition center
Products:NSHEV type SMOKEJET;
Louvre windows type TGL ISO; 
Smoke curtains type SMOKETEX-M
Contact person:  Alexandre Lacoste
airsun / France
Location: Bratislava / Slovakei
Products:NSHEV type PHOENIX with sound insulation 41dB  
Contact person:  Bernd Kaemmerer
roda Isernhagen
Location: Wimpassing
Customer: Semperit
Object:hall 30
Size of hall:3,000 m² 
Products:30 NSHEV type PHOENIX and 23 NSHEV   
type SMOKEJET as air inlet systems
Contact person:  Armin Kutschera
roda E.M.B. International GmbH / Österreich                 


Location: Middle East
Customer: NESHER
Object:Reutilization factory for used tires
Size of hall:1,800 m² 
Products:SHE- and ventilation system type PHOENIX
with pneumatic drive and savety grids
Contact person:  Omri Barnea
Location:Wrzesnia / Poland
Object: car manufaction hall
Size of hall:ca. 88,000 m²
Products:206 PHOENIX PX-2D-2527-K22-PV68-F5 
on a conical upstand
Contact person:  Bernd Kaemmerer 
roda Isernhagen                


Location: Munderfing / Austria
Object:Logistic center
Size of hall: 30,000 m²
Products:90 pcs. rooflights type EUROLIGHT with 180 
SHE-systems type PHOENIX
Contact person:  Matthias Kern
rwa-components / Austria  


Bordeaux - France


Nexity / Domofrance


Natural smoke and heat extraction / Aeration and ventilation


119 SMOKEJET / 160 Louvre windows with glass infill 

Contact person:  


Alexandre Lacoste

airsun France


Customer:WHA Wien
Object:1.800 m² facade at different residential buildings
Products:40 mm Polycarbonate-multiwallpanel including 
substructure and ventilated façade construction
Contact person:   Armin Kutschera
roda E.M.B. International GmbH
Location:Lannach / Austria
Customer:Magna Powertrain AG & Co KG
Object:Production hall for automotive parts
Products:EUROLIGHT with SHE-system type PHOENIX integrated
Size of hall:7.500 m²
Contact person:  
Armin Kutschera
roda INternational GmbH - Austria




Size of hall:

Contact person:

  Stadtwerke Düsseldorf AG

  Garbage bunker of the incineration plant lower

  PHOENIX with polycarbonate-darkflaps

  24,60 x 68,00 m x 32,50 m hight

  Norbert Röther
  Röther Interservice




Size of hall:

Contact person:


Senatsverwaltung Berlin

Staatsoper Unter den Linden



Hans Bätz
roda Nord / Isernhagen




Size of the hall:

Contact Person:



production hall


3000 m²

Alexandre Lacoste
airsun - France
Natural smoke and heat exhaust System typte FIREFIGHTER in Angers France
Location:49000 ANGERS (France)
Products:FIREFIGHTER DK2G 1800 x 2100
Size of hall:4,000 m²
Contact person: Alexandre Lacoste
airsun / France

Location:              Trondheim, Norway

Customer:            Rema 1000

Architect:             Snøhetta

Project:                Concept store Rema 1000

Product:               178 m² Lumira aerogel filled, translucent facade system,       
                           and 46 m² Lumira aerogel filled skylights

Size of the store:  1.000 m² 

contact Person  :  Torfinn Bjørnbakk
                          Aerogel Norge AS

Location:          Shenyang

Customer:        BMW Group

Object:             New Automobile plant

Products:          265 NSHEVs Type FIREFIGHTER and 545 NSHEVs Type

Size of the hall: 350.000 m³

Contact Person: Manfred Schindler

                        roda Süd / Langenau


Location:           Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates)

Customer:         Clear water clinic

Object:              New Hospital with four buildings

Product:            12.000 m² U-channel glass with Lumira® filled
                        16 mm multiwall polycarbonate Panels

Contact Person: Burkhard Weyers
                        E.M.B. Products AG

Location:          Hamburg (Germany)

Object:             Flightline Hangar

Size of the hall: 17.500m²

Products:          90 SHEVs type PHOENIX and 28 skylight systrems type

Contact Person: Bernd Kaemmerer
                        roda Nord / Isernhagen

Location:            St. Jacob / Rosental (Austria)

Customer:          Globo

Object:              Warehouse for high quality electronic items

Size of the hall:  6.500 m²

Products:           40 SHEVs type PHOENIX

Contact Person:  Armin Kutschera
                         roda E.M.B. International GmbH