The Berlin State Opera (Staatsoper Unter den Linden) required a ´state of the art´ solution for fire safety and ventilation. From an architectural point of view the system needed to match with the copper studded roof. Next to that, the extremely high sound insulation requirements of 54dB would ensure that no disturbing noises from outside acould affect the hearing pleasure during performances. Over 40 no. special design FIREFIGHTERS in various dimensions are installed on the building by roda Licht- und Lufttechnik GmbH fully meeting the speciifications.

Tusaş Engine Industries (TEI), is a plant dedicated to the production of critical parts for commercial and military aircraft and marine engines, located in Eskişehir, Turkey. TEI was founded in 1985 as a joint venture between GE Aviation and Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI), the Turkish Armed Forces Foundation, and the Turkish Aeronautical Association. roda partner FORM ENDÜSTRI succesfully installed EN12101-2 certified PHOENIX double flap ventilators with bird guards and the complete control system for fire safety, natural ventilation and daylight.

roda Licht- und Lufttechnik GmbH Langenau was challenged to prove their ingenuity and problem solving ability at Gingerbread Schmidt Backery. A total of 48 no. SMOKEJET- and 26 no. multi-purpose MULTIJET-louvered ventilators were installed. As food-industry requirement all systems are equipped with insect protection meshes, integrated in the bases as  drawer that can be pulled out and cleaned from the roof during operation. In addition to their RWA function, the ventilators provide the necessary natural air changes energy-free and insect-free.

S. Schestowitz Ltd. supplies and distributes consumer goods such as perfumes & cosmetics. Well-known brands it markets are Colgate-Palmolive, Gillette and many more. The company was founded in 1954 and is based in Petach Tikva, Israel. One of the projects our partner PARAGON established is this logistic centre where PHOENIX smoke vents are installed with certified fall through protection to prevent accidents since the units are used for day to day ventilation also. Special seals prevent dust ingress in case of a sand storm.

Roda Partners also realise projects that are architectural pieces of art. This residential complex in Vienna was given a green appearance with the curtained facade constructions as installed by E.M.B. International GmbH Austria. Dyed polycarbonate click panels mounted in custom made aluminium profiles create a special look to this inner city building.

All weather multipurpose double flap ventilators type MEGAPHÖNIX  integrated in EUROLIGHT rooflights take care of the heat release and the required daylight in this production plant where chipboards are produced. Another project well installed and commissioned by our Austrian business partner roda E.M.B. International GmbH to customer´s satisfaction. 

Great work by Smoke Management Systems Ltd. installation team. Short video of roda PHOENIX Smoke Ventilators installed in Dublin.

Nice drone impression of the Renuar project in Israel as realized by roda´s business partner PARAGON.

Another advantage of roda PHOENIX natural smoke vents is that the full capacity can also be used for day-to-day ventilation. This installation for the temperature-controled building of a supply chain management facilty in the key food and pharmaceutical sector has been succesfully realized by our partner Smoke Management Systems Ltd., Dublin, Ireland.

In march 2017, the new Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center was handed over to the Greek state. The € 600 million  complex located in the bay of Phaliron in Athens, a design from star architect Renzo Piano, was donated by the Foundation includes new facilities for the National Library of Greece and the National Opera. During his visit (2016) US President Barack Obama gave a speech here covering the impact of democracy. The acoustic performance of the building is already being described as world class contributed by roda FIREFIGHTERS with a sound insulation of 46dB , installed for day to day ventilation and fire safety.

Paris Eiffel Tower does not need any introduction. One of it´s restaurants however needed an update for daylight, ventilation and fire safety. The roda SMOKEJETS were the solution. Feel safe and comfortable next time when you have your drink, lunch or dinner there. Well performance by our French business partner airsun SARL.

1,500 m² barrel vault rooflights with 100 no. EN12101-2 certified PHOENIX natural ventilators, perfectly integrated and installed by our partner roda E.M.B International GmbH on the roof of a Logistic Center in Graz, Austria. This new 26,400 m² is property of TLC - Temmel Logistikcenter, which is a top-professional service provider for the automotive and manufacturing industries. The PHOENIX systems guarantee fire saftey and excellent daily ventilation since the flaps are designed, tested and approved to open 90º also for natural ventilation.

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