Daylight technology
Natural light for the workplace
Daylight technology
Natural light for the workplace
Daylight technology
Natural light for the workplace
Daylight technology
Natural light for the workplace


Optimum daylight in the building

The DELTALIGHT is a trigonally constructed skylight system consisting of a combination of self-supporting aluminium elements and composite light modules. The DELTALIGHT system provides optimum daylight illumination in buildings by means of inserted PC multi-wall panels. In addition, the type of construction with the light elements held in extruded aluminium profiles enables the DELTALIGHT system to provide good thermal insulation and ensures low energy costs.  

The individual components are designed in such a way that they can be screwed and plugged together in a time-saving and easy-to-assemble modular system. The light elements are clamped in place via two rung spacers. The front elements are translucent. 
Low joint permeability coefficients of the mullion construction guarantee excellent thermal insulation and are thus an energy cost-friendly solution. 

Daylight in workplaces 
Daylight in the workplace is enormously important for the working atmosphere as well as productivity and the ability for those working in the building to concentrate. Research has shown that people feel better and their productivity increases when they have access to daylight. It also helps to save energy, as it can replace artificial light in many areas. The DELTALIGHT skylight system ensures optimum daylight illumination of your workplace.  

By selecting a suitable transparent material in DELTALIGHT, glare-free, diffuse light is achieved. The ultraviolet light is largely reflected and absorbed. This reduces the required artificial light to a minimum, so that the DELTALIGHT skylight system considerably reduces energy costs. 

Combination with NSE and ventilation and aeration units 
The roda classic DELTALIGHT becomes an economical multi-purpose investment thanks to the possibility of combining it with ventilation, natural smoke and heat exhaust ventilation units. For example, our SMOKEJET louvre ventilator or the PHÖNIX natural ventilation unit as a single or double flap are ideally suited for installation in the DELTALIGHT skylight system. 
The DELTALIGHT skylight system is used in municipal as well as commercial and industrial buildings. 

The DELTALIGHT skylight system from roda is assigned to fire class B-s1,d0 (with opal B-s2,d0). 



Flat roof

Ridged roof

Advantages of the product


  • Natural daylight (glare-free with opal)
  • Uniform and glare-free light 
  • Low joint permeability coefficients 
  • Almost thermal bridge-free mullion construction  
  • Simple integration of NSHEVs 
  • Easy to fit in modular system 
  • Low weight due to use of aluminium profiles and polycarbonate panels 
  • Prevents the building from heating up in summer with optional sun protection louvres 
  • Hail resistance 
  • Long service life due to the use of high-quality materials 
  • Can be equipped with fall-through protection  
  • Increases the productivity of employees 

Technical details of the product


Construction features 

The self-supporting construction of the DELTALIGHT skylight system is made of aluminium alloy AlMgSi0.5 F22. The base edge profile is mounted on an upstand. On the end faces, the lighting elements are held in a circumferential border frame profile. The border frame profile is adapted to the angle of the first and last cover rung and, at the same time, forms the end of the base. The front element is made with a PC multi-web panel. The screw rungs welded into roof rungs form the support for the infill. The covering in the ridge construction consists of ridge plates and cover brackets, which are fastened to the upper rungs. All parts of the fittings are made of aluminium or stainless steel. 


The DELTALIGHT is available in the two versions MKI and MKII. The two versions differ in the base profile.  


The profile of the MKI allows for different angles and enables asymmetrical construction up to a width of two metres. It is also easier to assemble. 

  • Simple installation 

The less expensive base profile of the MKII is limited to a fixed angle of 30° or 45° in two designs. 

  • Less expensive variant 


The DELTALIGHT can be fitted with PC multi-wall panels from 10 to 32 mm. The panel thicknesses 10, 16 and 25 mm are also available with a Lumira® filling. The panels are also available in opal for glare-free lighting. With LumiraTM filled panels, this option is not applicable, as LumiraTM already offers the best possible light diffusion. A significant increase in sound and thermal insulation values can be achieved by filling with Lumira™aerogel. The multi-wall panels are also hail-resistant according to SIA standard 280 and manufactured with UV filters integrated into the material on the outside for UV stabilisation. Infill with insulating glass is also possible on request. 

You can find a selection of usable PC multi-wall panels here


The headboards are made to measure with PC twin-wall panels (10 or 16 mm). The panels are held by two special profiles. The bottom of the headboard holds the base profile and the tops of the headboard are attached to the bottom rung with profiles. 


As roda products are manufactured to customer specifications, they can be made to fit your building and its conditions exactly. The DELTALIGHT skylight system is produced for roof openings from 1500 mm to 5000 mm. With a rung spacing of 1000 mm, it can be produced in unlimited lengths. The skylight is designed as standard in the angle sequence 30°/ 120°/ 30° or 45°/ 90°/ 45°. Other roof opening sizes, asymmetrical constructions and other angles are also possible on request. 



As roda's DELTALIGHT skylight system is made to customer request, it can be equipped with accessories that bring further efficient advantages for the operator: 

Fall-through protection grating 

Falls through an opening in the hall roof are not uncommon and often end fatally. According to the BG BAU, around half of all fatal accidents at work are fall-related. The fall-through protection of NSHEVs and skylights must be guaranteed not only during installation but also afterwards if maintenance work is to be carried out on open devices. The EUROLIGHT skylight system can be equipped with PSP30 and PSG50 fall-through protection systems. 

  • Ensure the required fall-through protection 
  • Installation of the personal protection profile PSP30 
  • Installation of the personal protection profile PSP50 

The sun protection for the DELTALIGHT consists of aluminium louvres that are mounted on the side facing the sun and thus prevent the direct incidence of sunlight in summer. The fact that we do not have to do without the warmth of the sun in winter is thanks to the fortunate circumstance that the sun only reaches a maximum peak of 17° in winter. This allows it to shine through the louvres almost unhindered at a glare-free angle in winter. 

  • Glare-free room illumination 
  • Pleasant temperature in the work area 
  • Increase productivity 
  • Savings of up to 30% on air conditioning costs




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