EUROLIGHT - Natural daylight
for every workplace
EUROLIGHT - Natural daylight
for every workplace
EUROLIGHT - Natural daylight
for every workplace


Optimum daylight illumination

The EUROLIGHT is a skylight system in curved form with PC multi-wall panels in a mullion construction. It consists of a combination of self-supporting aluminium elements and composite light modules that are joined together to form a skylight system for energy-saving room illumination. The supporting elements are made of aluminium. Since the top and bottom rungs are not connected to each other, the system is thermally separated in the radius. 
The individual components are designed in such a way that they can be screwed and plugged together in a time-saving and easy-to-assemble modular system. The light elements are clamped in place via two rung spacers. The front elements are also translucent. 
Low joint permeability coefficients as well as the thermal bridge-free mullion construction guarantee excellent thermal insulation and thus an energy cost-friendly solution.

Daylight in workplaces 
Increased daylight illumination in buildings has long been an architectural goal. Studies have shown that people do better in daylight: they are healthier, more productive and more balanced. Buildings with increased daylight illumination have demonstrably positive effects on the people working in them. This plays a particularly important role in workplaces. 

For new buildings and roof renovations, building owners, planners and architects have preferred the high quality standard of EUROLIGHT with its extensive advantages for many years. The EUROLIGHT skylight system from roda can supply interiors of any size with sufficient and economical natural daylight.  

Combination with NSE and ventilation and aeration units 
The EUROLIGHT roda skylight system can be optimally combined with the other elements of our product range. Together with all roda ventilation units or NSHEVs, it offers the ideal solution for natural ventilation, free lighting and smoke and heat exhaust ventilation. 

The roda classic EUROLIGHT is used in municipal as well as commercial and industrial buildings.

The EUROLIGHT skylight system from roda is assigned to fire class B-s1,d0 (with opal B-s2,d0). 



Flat roof

Ridged roof

Advantages of the product

Why Eurolight?

  • Natural daylight (glare-free in opal version)
  • Uniform light diffusion 
  • Low joint permeability coefficients 
  • Thermal bridge-free mullion construction 
  • Reduction of energy costs 
  • Very good U-values due to a thermal break in the radius 
  • Low weight due to aluminium profiles and PC multi-wall panels 
  • Hail resistance 
  • Easy to fit in modular system 
  • Long service life due to exclusively high-quality materials 
  • Possibility to install natural ventilation units with the function of a SHEV system 
  • Implementation also as hard roofing 
  • Can be equipped with fall-through protection 
  • Increases the productivity of employees 

Technical details of the product


Construction features 

Coordinated cover and support rungs hold the curved PC multi-wall panels and give the EUROLIGHT skylight system a particularly attractive appearance. The cover rungs are adapted to the radius of the support rungs and, at the same time, form the end of the base. Due to the construction type of the rungs made of extruded aluminium profiles, the expansion of the different materials is easily absorbed. The profiles are made of the alloy AlMgSi0.5 F22. The individual components of the skylight system can be screwed together in an assembly-friendly manner according to the modular principle. All parts of the fittings are made of aluminium or stainless steel.  


The roda EUROLIGHT skylight system is available in three versions, which differ primarily in the base connection and the sizes offered.  


The EUROLIGHT MKI can be manufactured in a theoretically infinite length and up to a width of 5600 mm (opening width). It has a general building authority approval from the DIBt. Its base profile consists of two profiles, one of which is pivoted. This allows for different pitches. 

  • Unlimited length 
  • Width: up to 5600 mm (opening width) 
  • Building authority approval by the DIBt 
  • Base profile from two profiles 
  • One profile pivoted 
  • Enables different pitches

In contrast to the MKI, the MKII can only be produced up to a neck opening width of 3000 mm. The pitch is possible as 1/5 and 1/7. The difference between it and the MKI lies primarily in a one-piece base profile, which makes the MKII variant less expensive. 

  • Unlimited length 
  • Width: up to 3000 mm (opening width) 
  • Pitch: 1/5 or 1/7 
  • Lower-priced variant  

The MKIII has been designed as a EUROLIGHT with a standardised width of 2500 mm. The special feature is that NSHEVs of the PHÖNIX type can be integrated via an insulated, double-shell base rung without profile flange and continuous rooflight head section. The pitch is fixed at 1/7. The MKIII variant also has general building authority approval from the DIBt. 

  • Unlimited length 
  • Width: 2500 mm 
  • Possibility of integrating the PHÖNIX NSHEV  
  • Pitch: 1/7 
  • Building authority approval by the DIBt 


Depending on the thermal requirements, 10 mm or 16 mm PC twin wall panels, in transparent, opal or softlite version, are used. You can find a selection of usable PC multi-wall panels here.


The completely finished headboards are almost identical in all three versions. They are also made to measure from PC multi-wall panels (10 or 16 mm). The panels are held by two special profiles. The bottom of the headboard holds the base profile and the curved top of the headboard is attached to the bottom rung by means of a profile. 


As roda's EUROLIGHT skylight system is made to customer specifications and can be customised to their building and its conditions. The length of the EUROLIGHT is almost unlimited. The width can be selected depending on the design.  

Integration of NSHEV into the continuous rooflight 

Both pure NSHEVs and ventilation units as well as multi-purpose ventilators can be integrated into the EUROLIGHT. Generally, this is possible via a flange. In special cases, a smaller NSHEV or ventilation unit can also be mounted on the continuous rooflight via a radius flange. We have developed a PHÖNIX especially for the EUROLIGHT MKIII, which can be integrated into the continuous rooflight without a flange with its stable base frame, or with an insulated base frame on request. As a double flap, the modified PHÖNIX is available with a standard width of 2.5 m and possible lengths of up to 2 m. This reduces the proportion of translucent surfaces to a minimum and avoids cold bridges. 
In this combination, the EUROLIGHT roda skylight system combines the advantages of natural daylight illumination with those of natural smoke and heat exhaust ventilation and gains the best possible positive effects for your building. 

Integration of NSHEV

Pure NSHEVs and ventilation units can be integrated into the EUROLIGHT as multi-purpose fans.

Connection rodeo flange

If double dampers are used purely as ventilation units, smaller systems can also be attached to the continuous rooflight via a radius flange (also called a rodeo flange).

Connection isolated frame

Perfectly matched are the EUROLIGHT MKIII with its standardized width of 2,500 mm, in which the PHÖNIX receives an insulated base frame that simultaneously forms the head section on both sides of the interrupted light band.



As roda's EUROLIGHT skylight system is made to customer request, it can be equipped with accessories that bring further efficient advantages for the operator: 

Fall-through protection grating 

Falls through an opening in the hall roof are not uncommon and often end fatally. According to the BG BAU, around half of all fatal accidents at work are fall-related. The fall-through protection of NSHEVs and skylights must be guaranteed not only during installation but also afterwards if maintenance work is to be carried out on open devices. The EUROLIGHT skylight system can be equipped with PSP30 and PSG50 fall-through protection systems. 

  • Ensure the required fall-through protection 
  • Installation of the personal protection profile PSP30 
  • Installation of the personal protection profile PSP50 
Sound insulation 

To meet special sound insulation requirements, the roda classic EUROLIGHT can be built with a sound insulation value of up to 29 dB.  

  • Installation with a sound insulation value of up to 29 dB 




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