The roda Licht- und Lufttechnik GmbH uses only materials and methods of high quality. Our natural smoke and heat extraction systems, for instance, can therefore be used for daily ventilation. Our devices open to an angle of 90°, while many systems for ventilation merely open up to 30° and thus make only a small part of the actual opening space available. The high quality of the materials and production methods is also proved by long-term tests, in which the devices are opened and closed 10,000 times. This philosophy of working with top materials in the best possible way is applied to our entire product range.

Every sector of industry has its specific problems, ranging from the regulations in the food industry and the criteria laid down in a foundry, all the way to sound insulation in cinemas. On top of this come the specific requirements due to geographical location and local provisions. These include, for example, the low temperatures above the 45th parallel, increased country-specific demands and the problem of sand clouds in areas near to deserts.

Various different geographic and sector-dependent requirements exist in relation to the following:

  • Extreme temperatures
  • Increased demands for airtight seals
  • Added resistance to wind and snow
  • Other local regulations

Thanks to our many years of experience and, above all, because we are able to build every device on a bespoke basis, we are in a position to offer a solution tailored to the problem concerned. And therein lies the rub.