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Fresh Air
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Fresh Air
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Smoke curtains

Protects against any fire hazard

For production-related and not least financial reasons the trend is increasingly towards large-scale buildings. The fire safety requirements here are often in contradiction to modern production workflow planning.

In large-scale halls no significant excess pressure is able to build up beneath the roof during the initial phase of a fire. This is, however, of key importance to the efficiency of any natural smoke and heat extraction system. The rising smoke fumes spread out below the ceiling. They cool off and then flow back down in the form of rolling smoke, which close to the floor becomes lethally dangerous.

Smoke curtains split a hall into several smoke zones and thus prevent any horizontal spread of the smoke within the roof space. The curtains are also used to systematically guide the smoke in a set direction.



In principle, screens are distinguished in smoke curtain variants that restrict the spread of smoke to a certain area and partly channel the smoke in some cases, and fire curtain variants, that actually prevent the spread of the fire itself and therefor have a significantly higher resistance.

The ‘SMOKETEX’ curtain is a static smoke curtain made of polyurethane-coated flexible glass-fibre woven fabric with grey aluminium pigmentation. Approximately 0.40mm thick, this woven material weighs 0.455kg/m² (± 10 %). The standard smoke curtain consists of vertically arranged individual elements that are sewn together using non-flammable thread to form a maximum curtain area of 45.00m².

Individual curtains are available in widths of 800 to 5,950mm and depending on configuration can be horizontally extended to the maximum curtain size using poppers. The C-shaped ceiling mounting section is made of a multi-bevelled 2mm-thick hot-dip galvanized piece of sheet steel.

The rigid SMOKETEX curtain fulfils the requirements for CE marking pursuant to Appendix ZA3 of DIN EN 12101-1. The procedures stipulated in the standard were used to assess conformity. The registration number of the certificate relating to the in-house production check is 0672 – CPD – 0221.

The tested smoke curtain, report number 9015756000/LA/PK, was tested for 151 minutes at a temperature of 620°C. It holds back smoke as per test report number 904162000/Re/Ei and by virtue of complying with DIN EN 12101-1 has gained the classification ‘D150’. Top and side gap measurements are given as 0mm.


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