fresh air
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fresh air
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Rainproof ventilation

The multifunction ventilator MEGAPHOENIX extracts natural warm air via two independently working pairs of double flaps. Rainproof ventilation is achieved via pneumatically or electrically controlled lateral flaps. The top flaps are controlled by pneumatic cylinders with end-position locking and a remote unlocking system or by electric motors. An automatic (independent from any other control system) thermal release mechanism is integrated to open the top flaps in the event of a fire. The aerodynamically formed top flaps and the inner side flaps are equipped with rubber seals. Additionally, the MEGAPHOENIX can be fitted with insect screens. In order to avoid glare, lighting grids can be additionally installed in the system.

The MEGAPHOENIX can be produced in all lengths and widths up to 1,900 x 3,000 mm.

Field of application:

  • Flat roofs
  • Arched skylights
  • Northlight roofs

It goes without saying that the MEGAPHOENIX also meets the requirements of the EU machinery directive with respect to 94/9/EG, EN 1127-1, EN 13463-1 and EN 13463-5 (depending on the specification).

Tests and Certifications

Information on Control systems


Why Megaphoenix?

  • Flexible sizing makes the system ideal for use on flat roofs for all roof openings up to 7,5 m²
  • Suitable for everyday ventilation (full ventilation at 90° vent position)
  • Endurance tests with 10,000 opening cycles have confirmed the robust, functional design and the high quality of the materials used
  • The thermally separated version reduces condensation problems
  • Good aerodynamic efficiency
  • Good U-value and low joint leakage
  • Available with opaque flaps
  • Efficient drainage of rainwater via central drainage channels
  • The pivot points on the cylinders or servomotors consist of aluminium-profiles with Teflon-coated bronze bushes and therefore require no maintenance
  • Easy mounting in all roof and wall constructions up to a 90° angle
  • Individually adaptable to all types of buildings
  • Energy-saving natural lighting, which is glare-free when using softlite polycarbonate or Lumira™-filled panels (light incidence from above is five times more effective than through side windows)
  • All consoles are produced from high-strength castings
  • Hail-and fall-through-proof depending on the specification
  • Powder coating allows for individual choice of colours
  • Plinth mounting using tension locks – no drill holes needed
  • Fire-resistance rating A1 (depending on the specification)
  • Low maintenance
  • The products contain no harmful materials and can be recycled

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Megaphoenix - The top-flap models available for the PHOENIX version are also available for the MEGAPHOENIX.


Since the products are produced on the request of the customer, the units can be produced in all widths and defined lenghts from 1000 x 500 mm until 1900 x 3000 mm. 

Subject to locality and requirements the most suitable version can be chosen with regard to different:

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