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Fresh Air
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Fresh Air
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SHEV systems

natural smoke and heat exhaust ventilation systems

As in case of emergency natural smoke and heat exhaust (NSHE) shall save lives, no compromises are to be made with regard to their functionality. E.M.B. Products stands for high-quality, certified SHE-systems, which guarantee their functionality even after many years of daily use. Our products are benchmarking when it comes to important requirements such as wind or snow load capacity. Thanks to their high quality our systems can also be employed for daily ventilation.

All of our NSHE systems comply with the relevant requirements according to DIN EN 12101-2 and VdS 2159.

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The SMOKEJET is a louvred ventilator for natural ventilation and smoke and heat extraction.

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Louvre Windows

Louvre windows allow light and fresh air to enter the building.


Our NSHE systems are tested and certified

tested and certified for:

  • Functional reliability up to Re 1000
    (VdS approval min. Re 50)
  • Functional reliability at wind loads up to WL 3000*
    (VdS approval min. 1500 N/m²)
  • Functional reliability at snow loads up to SL 1500*
    (VdS approval min. 500 N/m²)
  • Functional reliability at low ambient temperatures down to T(-15)*
    (VdS approval min. -5°C)
  • Sound insulation levels according to our specifications
  • Functional reliability up to heat-exposure rating of
    B 300-E(300 °C / fire-resistance rating E)
  • Tested by the Material Testing Authorities of North Rhine-Westphalia*
  • Tested by other independent testing institutes*
    *Approved by VdS
  • Funcionality during fatigue test (10,000 opening processes)
  • Aerodynamically efficient opening surface
  • Corrosion and aging resistance

The 24V-version with actuator

In the case of fire opens by a smoke/heat extractor box with batterys:

  • By smoke detector or smoke/heat extractor button (optional)
  • Via fire alarm control unit (optional)

Opening mechanism for all NSHEVs:

In case of fire, all NSHEVs with pneumatic drives open:

  • Automatically by a thermal override valve and CO² compressed gas cylinders
  • By a fire emergency control box with CO² compressed gas cylinders
  • By fire alarm control unit triggered by a smoke detector or smoke/heat extractor button (optional)

Triggering for daily venting

Via compressed air building network (min. 6bar) by:

  • Ventilation control box
  • Pneumatic push button
  • Timer for night cooling (optional)
  • Wind and rain sensor for bad weather protection (optional)