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Roof connection systems

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Dependent upon roof construction and operating conditions the equivalent material, connecting option and construction height is chosen. Accordingly, single units on top of a flat roof have to be mounted onto a plinth. Roof lights are set into a frame, which has to be reinforced by stiffening bars at specified gaps due to its length. Units for example mounted on a shed roof or on a saddle roof ridge will be connected by means of flanges as described hereafter.



by means of EUROSOCKEL (plinth) / EUROZARGE (frame)

Principally it is distinguished between two main versions: the EUROSOCKEL, a plinth onto which a device is installed and the EUROZARGE, a frame that holds continuous roof lights or integrated devices. The plinths and frames are constructed is in such a way that an 80 mm insulation can be fitted at the outside and that a roofer can execute his sealing works either with foil, bituminous sheeting or metal sheets. The height of EUROSOCKEL and EUROZARGE is 350 mm by default. Depending on the type of installation and with due regard to the water-carrying roof area plinth or frame heights may vary from 150 mm to 500 mm.


Why roof connection?

  • Bespoke adaptation to all types of roofs 
  • Weather-proof
  • Non combustible according to the requirements of „fire prevention“
  • Available in different heights
  • Available in different material thickness depending on static requirements
  • Layout available with screwed, welded or latching parts 
  • Thermally insulated or thermally separated depending on version
  • Installation directly on roof truss purlin construction
  • Easy mounting, as no additional border frames necessary
  • Customised colouring by powder coating


When mounting base frames for skylight systems there are two different ways, depending on the construction or respectively the static calculations:

  • Cantilever – the base frame rests on the substructure at only two points
  • Self-supporting – the base frame is supported by the substructure over the whole length

Generally, the EUROSOCKEL units are always self-sustainingly supported over the whole length by the trimming timber

For a trouble-free mounting onto the substructure both the EUROSOCKEL and the EUROZARGE are manufactured with a 150 mm wide circumferential bottom flange.

The roof connection system type EUROSOCKEL is available as a screwed or plug-in construction, whereas the plug-in construction can only be used for self-supporting layouts.

For stability reasons only the screwed version of EUROZARGE is used in connection with skylight systems.

profile types

Single skin plinth profile


Slanted single skin plinth profile

Slanted single skin EUROSOCKEL / EUROZARGE

Plinth profile ISO – thermally insulated

EUROSOCKEL / EUROZARGE ISO – thermally insulated

Plinth profile THERMO – thermally separated

EUROSOCKEL / EUROZARGE THERMO – thermally separated


Always the right thing

In order to cover the varied installation options single skin folded base frames / plinths either upright or slanted have proofed their worth for many years. The standard version of the roof connecting system is made of hot-dip galvanized steel sheets.

For higher demands on material an aluminium construction is also available.

    EUROSOCKEL single-skinned  – latched hot-dip galvanized steel sheet
    alternatively – screwed hot-dip galvanized steel sheet

    • Latched aluminium AlMg3
    • Screwed aluminium AlMg3
    • Welded aluminium AlMg3

    double-skinned – latched aluminium AlMg3

    • Screwed aluminium AlMg3
    • Welded aluminium AlMg3

    EUROZARGE single-skinned  – screwed hot-dip steel sheet
    alternatively – screwed aluminium AlMg3

    • Double-skinned – screwed aluminium AlMg3

    The thickness of material is chosen according to the static requirements of the equivalent building.

    Installation examples

    NSHE on EUROSOCKEL single-skinned straight (insulation by customer)

    NSHE on EUROSOCKEL THERMO – thermally separated

    NSHE on EUROSOCKEL ISO – double-skinned and thermally insulated

    EUROLIGHT continuous roof lights on top of a slanted single-skinned EUROZARGE

    Installation by means of flanges

    When mounted on shed roofs, saddle roofs or in vertical position, the units can be directly connected to the roof due to the installation situation. For this, five different flange versions are available depending on the roof style. If none of these versions suits the connection, special constructions can be custom-built on request.

    F1 – use in glazing

    F2 – use under a corrugated metal roof

    F3 – use on top of a corrugated metal roof

    F4 – direct adhesion

    F5 – use on a plinth