Fresh Air
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Natural ventilation

Fresh air without energy demand

The natural ventilation takes advantage of the thermal lift, thus enabling large air quantities to be exchanged without any need of energy and without disturbing noises from ventilators. This is why natural ventilation is preferred wherever it is feasible.

Multi-purpose ventilators like the MEGAPHOENIX and MULTIJET provide an all-weather ventilation. When the weather is fine, the external flaps are opened using the available opening area to a maximum extent. When it rains, the system automatically closes the external flaps and opens the internal ones.

In factories with a higher heat generation, the used air is discharged by large-area roof ventilators type AIRSTAR, which are constructed as labyrinth ventilators. They offer venting in all weathers. However, due to the way they are constructed far larger ventilation areas are viable.

The AIRJET is a lockable supply air opening, able to be installed into walls. Another possibility of a vertical supply air opening is given by the roda louvre window. It is available in various versions and can be fitted with insulating glass. Where smaller light elements with additional venting function are required, VenturiAir is the one to opt for.

As our high quality products are designed to withstand numerous opening and closing processes, our smoke and heat extracting units type PHOENIX, FIREFIGHTER and SMOKEJET can also be used for everyday ventilation in addition to their main function as smoke and heat extractors.


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