Fresh Air
for your building
Fresh Air
for your building
Fresh Air
for your building


The supply and circulating air system is a central unit that filters and heats the outside and circulating air as needed. Modules from the AIRSYSTEM construction kit conduct the air into the working area. The unit is produced by the mono block principal and can be combined to the customer’s needs. The self-supporting modular system can be mounted for rooftop installations on a plinth or for installations inside the building on a supporting structure.



  • Modular structure, thus can be individually planned and if usage changes easily modified
  • Fan section with high-performance radial fan rotor drawing in air on both sides, dynamically and statically balanced with a repair switch on the front
  • Supply and circulation air are controlled by means of two flaps and an actuator, regulated depending on version via controls or a channel sensor
  • The system is provided with insulation and sound-dampening as required
  • For systems being mounted on a roof, the heating element (in copper and aluminium) can be fitted inside the channel, which further saves on energy costs
  • At temperatures of below 5°C a frost guard thermostat fitted behind the heating element sets the suction flaps to circulating air and if the temperature drops any further stops the fan
  • Air filtration using bag filters inserted within a mounting frame
  • Filter medium consists of synthetic fibres in U-channel frames made of hot-dip galvanised sheet steel. Frame and inlay can be disposed of separately
  • Where filters are used a differential pressure switch can optionally be fitted to monitor them
  • A suction hood with stainless steel grid keeps rain out as outside air is drawn in
  • Low energy costs and environmentally friendly

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Design characteristics:

The ISOVENT is made of an aluminium frame construction and infilled with panel module lamination. The housing has hinged inspection doors on one side, thus facilitating simple maintenance. The system is offered in insulated or non-insulated form. The ventilator is individually designed with regard to the requirements for displacement volume and pressure. The system generally uses fan rotors that draw in air on two sides and have blades that are curved forwards, are belt-driven and have electric motors on a rocker. The air is mixed via actuators and depending on version is either regulated by the controls or via a channel sensor. The system also has an suction hood and optionally both a heater battery and a bag filter.

ISOVENT can be installed sloping lengthways by up to 15° and sideways by up to 3°.


The ISOVENT is available with an air volume capacity of 1,200 to 22,000 m³/h. For precise sizing of the complete system please contact our qualified personnel.

Example ISOVENT installation with flanged-on AIRSYSTEM:

Modular structure of the system

Fan module with suction hood

Mixed air module

Filter module

Large empty module for fitting other components (e.g. sound absorbers)

Heating module

Small empty module