Fresh Air
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an alternative to conventional skylights

The VenturiLight is a light element offering an alternative to traditional light domes with the benefits multi-wall panels imply. In the version of a VenturiAir the light element can additionally be used for venting. Both devices consist of an aluminium frame construction with inserted 16 mm polycarbonate multi-wall panel.

In comparison with conventional roof light elements the VenturiLight is flexible in size and offers due to its infill enormous possibilities in terms of energy saving measures. In addition to a high UV stability the infill boast with best light transmission values and a shadow-free light scattering.

The VenturiLight can be mounted on a EUROSOCKEL or any other standard curbs. For special requirements an adapter flange is used.

The system is classed with the fire classification BS1,d0. It is available in any size from 600 x 600 mm up to 1,800 x 2,500 mm.

Being an economic light element, the VenturiLight is suitable in all places, where venting is managed otherwise. The following detailed drawing illustrates the mounting of the device at the curb.




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