Fresh Air
for your building
Fresh Air
for your building
Fresh Air
for your building

Solar shading systems

for well-being and productivity

A pleasant temperature at the workplace is essential– not only for the well-being of the employees. An optimal ambient temperature improves significantly the productivity of people. As per surveys every degree Celsius over 20°C leads to a further lack in productivity.

Due to the fact that the thermal output generated by direct sunlight on light areas can reach up to 900W/m² in summer, solar shading becomes vital. On the one hand, it prevents glaring effects, which are especially unpleasant in offices and on the other hand protects against heat radiation by reflecting the sunlight. And yet, there is no alternative to exterior fitted solar shading systems. Whilst the heat builds up behind the pane when an interior shading system is installed, an exterior shading system reflects up to 80% of the solar radiation. And thus saving enormously on air conditioning costs.

A highly weathering-resistant form of solar shading is provided by solar shading louvres. They are installed at both roof lights and windows.



why Solar shading systems?

  • Pleasant temperature in the working area and consequently an increase of productivity
  • Glare-free ambient lighting (important for workplaces with PC)
  • Up to a 30% saving on air conditioning costs
  • Low in weight and easy mounting at old and new buildings
  • Louvres can be positioned at various angles

Solar shading

for the DELTALIGHT roof light

The solar shading for the DELTALIGHT roof light consists of aluminium louvres, which are mounted on the sun-facing side in order to prevent the incidence of direct sunlight in the summer. During the winter month, however,  the thermal output of the sun doesn’t need to be waived thanks to the lucky fact that in winter the sun only reaches a maximum height of 17°. Thereby in winter, it can shine almost unhampered through the louvres in an glare-free angle.


Fixing of the individual slats is affected by slat holders at the rung distance of the DELTALIGHT. The holders are slid into an extruded aluminium carrier section, which is screwed together with the cover rung of the DELTALIGHT. Therefore, a retrofitting at already existing systems is feasible.


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