VenturiSmoke is a natural smoke and heat extraction system (NSHE), which complies with the European Standards. It features an opening panel, that opens to an angle of 165° in case offire. The drive unit technology can either be pneumatic (cylinder) or electric (48V drive). Bothfunctions, OPEN and OPEN/SHUT can be respectively assigned to the compressed air cylinder.For day-to-day ventilation the pneumatic version can be additionally equipped with a 230Velectric drive, which opens with an upstroke of 300 mm. The 48V version’s drive can also beused for daily ventilation.


  • Ideal for flat roofs with flexible construction sizes of up to a roof opening of 2 x 2 meters.
  • Suitable for day-to-day ventilation, subject to model
  • Durability tests of 10,000 open/close cycles certify the stability and functionality of the design as well as the high quality of the materials used.  
  • Good aerodynamic effectiveness
  • The 48V drive allows for adjusting individual opening angles to a maximum of 165°
  • Also available with dark flap
  • Available as thermally separated variant.
  • Energy-saving natural lighting, which is glare-free when using softlite polycarbonate or LumiraTM-filled panels (light incidence from above is five times more effective than through side windows)
  • Fall-through safe, subject to model  
  • Fire classification A1, subject to model
  • Delivery of the systems either pre-mounted and ready-for-use or in modular design


The systems comply to the requirements according to EN 12101-2. 



•   flat roof (up to a maximum roof pitch of 15°)



Construction features:

The VenturiSmoke is made from aluminium alloy AlMg3, AlMgSi05F22 and steel parts. EPDM seals reduce the loss of warm air to a minimum. All pivot points are maintenance free. Optionally, the VenturiSmoke can be fitted with anti-fall grids, which meet the demanded fall through safety standards. All systems can be delivered either pre-mounted and ready-to-use or in modular design.  


Opening panel infill:

  • A1- single-skinned aluminium
  • A2- double-skinned aluminium (insulated)
  • A3- double-skinned aluminium 20 or 30 mm (insulated and thermally separated)  
  • K2- 16 mm polycarbonate
  • K3- 16 mm / 25 mm polycarbonate (thermally separated)

 A selection of usable PC multi-wall sheets can be found here.


Construction sizes:

Due to the size of the traverse, the roof opening width is restricted to the following dimensions: 1000, 1200, 1250, 1400, 1500, 1800 and 2000 mm. The roof opening length, however, can be built in all conceivable dimensions between 1000 and 2000 mm.

Tests and Certifications: 

  • Operational reliability according to classification up to Re1000
  • Operational reliability under wind loads up to WL 4500 (*)
  • Operational reliability under snow loads up to SL 4000 (*)
  • Operational reliability at low temperatures up to T(-5)
  • Noise insulation level according to our specification
  • Operational reliability up to thermal resistance B300 / building material classification E
  • Tested by the Material Testing Office of North Rhine Westphalia (*)
  • Tested by further independent testing institutes (*)     

* (subject to unit size and model) 


Additional tests: 

  • Operational reliability in endurance tests (10,000 open/close cycles) 
  • Aerodynamically effective opening surface


Opening mechanism in case of fire: 

Pneumatically driven:

  • Automatically by means of a thermal trigger (TAG) and connected CO2 cartridge 
  • By means of a fire emergency cabinet with CO2 cartridge 
  • Via a fire alarm control panel, triggered by smoke detectors or SHE-switch (optional)


Electrically driven by a 48V SHE switchboard with buffer batteries:

  • Via smoke detectors or SHE switch 
  • Optionally with interconnected fire alarm control panel   


Day-to-day ventilation control:

Via 230V network (separate electric drive for pneumatic systems) or SHE switchboard (for 48 V drives) by:

  • ventilation control cabinet
  • pushbutton
  • timer for night cooling (optional)
  • wind and rain sensor for bad weather protection (optional)