Natural ventilation uses the thermal lift. The warm air rises inside the building and is guided to the outside through the natural smoke and heat extraction units (NSHE), which are installed in the roof. Through the supply air openings cooler air flows back in from the outside. As this ventilation concept is working completely without using energy, the investment costs are quickly paid off and operating costs can be significantly reduced in the long run. The following representative calculation illustrates the aforementioned: 


Representative Calculation for Saving Energy Costs

If an air exchange rate of 100,000 m³/h (quintuple air exchange) is required for a plant with a size of 50 x 50 x 8 meters on 260 working days per year and a mechanical ventilation system is used, the following calculation falls into place:

Possible air changing rate with 1 kW drive power ≈ 7,500 m³/h

Industrial electricity price ≈ 0.20 cents per kW/h

8h x 260 working days = 2,080 h

100,000 m³/h ÷ 7,500 m³/h = 13.33 kW/h x 2,080 h = 27,726 kW/h

27,726 kW/h x 0.20 Cent per kW/h = 5,545.28 € (possible saving per year)


Apart from the economic benefits, the use of NSHEs as natural ventilation systems offers a significantly better energy balance, which is equally important for modern companies.