New product line PHOENIX Version 33

The newly developed PHOENIX Version 33 with thermal separation is available with immediate effect. As a natural smoke and heat extractor, the new PHOENIX complements the existing product portfolio. It has been tested with 10,000 opening cycles, and, in addition to its function as a natural smoke extractor, can also be used for everyday ventilation. Although it can hardly be distinguished from the standard version, the new system offers several significant advantages. As with the FIREFIGHTER, the new PHOENIX’s thermal separation lowers the condensation point, resulting in less production-related condensation in certain types of factory. Furthermore, the Version 33 has an improved U-value. As is the case for all other units in this product range, the thermally separated PHOENIX is not only CE compliant but also certified by the VdS.

New PC multi-wall panel "roda PC16 HR5 ultra sturdy"

The polycarbonate multi-wall panel "roda PC16 HR5 ultra sturdy" is another novelty in our range of products. The panel features a high hailstorm-resistance and is classed with the hailstorm protection classification V, assessed by an independent Swiss test laboratory.